Garden Writer Allen Lacy, 1935 – 2015

Allen Lacy died this past Sunday at the age of 80. He was my favorite garden writer: funny, smart, gentle, possessing a passion for plants and an affection for people. I’ve read his book Home Ground several times.

I was lucky enough to interview Allen Lacy back in 2013. This seemed like a good time to reblog that post.


The interview below was posted in June, 2013. I was surprised and honored to see it referenced in Mr. Lacy’s New York Times obituary, but I think it may have been one of the last interviews given by the author. 

I became acquainted with Mr. Lacy online after he wrote mea friendly note in response to a book review I had written. After this interview, we exchanged a few more emails and then lost touch. 

Allen Lacy is without doubt one of my favorite garden writers. For roughly forty years he has written about plants and gardens with passion, knowledge, and gentle (often self-mocking) humor. He is the author or editor of 10 books, including Home Ground, In a Green Shade, The Garden in Autumn, Farther Afield, and The Gardener’s Eye. For a dozen years he wrote a newspaper column on gardening…

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  1. An interesting interview. Allen Lacy, whose name I knew but had not read, sounded like a wise and funny man. Wouldn’t it be great if more children were “punished” as creatively? We might have more gardeners.

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