Equal Time (More or Less) for Narcissi

In an earlier post I established that Tulips are better than Narcissus. However, as a socially responsible garden blog, I endeavor to present multiple points of view and also to comply with the Equal Time Rule (Communications Act of 1934, 47 USC Sec. 315). Although there are limits to everything, so please don’t ask me to write about Fritillaria.

Narcissus ‘Delibes’ glow in the late afternoon sun.

Therefore, I present to you some of our later-season Daffodils. Judy has stated several times that this has been an  exceptional year for Daffodils in our garden, and I wouldn’t disagree with her as far as that goes.

‘Mount Hood’

‘Mount Hood’ is a gleaming white Trumpet Daffodil.

‘Flower Record’

I think this is ‘Flower Record’. I like the combination of the red edging with the white petals.

'Sentinel' (I think)
‘Sentinel’ (I think)

I think this is probably ‘Sentinel’, which is a Large Cupped variety. From the last three you can tell I am partial to white Narcissi.

‘King Alfred’

And here’s a classic old Trumpet Daffodil, ‘King Alfred’.

Well, that’s enough Narcissi for now. More Tulips coming soon!

32 Comments on “Equal Time (More or Less) for Narcissi”

  1. So your narcissus and tulips flower at the same time? Mine more or less do so here in Italy too, but in the UK they are two distinct seasons which made your first argument untrue for there. I like the white daffodils very much

  2. Like you, I prefer the tulips. I have, however, made up a wish list of daffodils (from Wooden Shoe Tulips) that I hope to add to my garden for some early spring interest (and in hopes they will naturalize), most of which are white varieties. So MANY to choose from.
    I have just a handful of tulips still blooming and they are all Elegant Lady, one that you said you weren’t thrilled with. I just wish they had bloomed at the same time as the deep magenta tulips I had in the same areas. Oh well, I guess I got two totally different looks!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your tulips.

  3. I like tulips, but I love daffodils. Nothing is more delightful in late January in my zone 7 garden than the bright yellow “smile” of February Gold daffodils blooming their heads off while my tulips are still asleep waiting until March or April to say hello.

  4. We needn’t choose, as bloom time barely overlaps here. The Tete-a-Tete daffys are the first thing to bloom, so they get the kind of attention they never would if they were lost in the blowsy season. Almost seems as if Nature has a plan.

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