The Blue Mosque

After visiting Ayasofya we walked a short distance to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. 2009-12-24 05.53.31 The Blue Mosque was built in the early 1600s. 2009-12-24 05.59.47 From the outside, it looks somewhat similar to the Ayasofya. We read that the Ottoman Turks were influenced by Byzantine architecture. 2009-12-24 06.18.28 You can see the Ayasofya from just inside the entrance. 2009-12-24 06.19.57 Another view just inside the entrance of the Blue Mosque. 2009-12-24 06.23.00 There are six minarets. I’m a little bit afraid of heights so just looking up made me a bit queasy. 2009-12-24 06.23.49 Before entering we had to remove our shoes. There was a place for the faithful to wash their feet. 2009-12-24 06.09.57 2009-12-24 06.14.39 Inside you are struck by the thousands of blue Iznik tiles, their dye made from cobalt. Above the tiles blue paint is used in intricate patterns. 2009-12-24 06.10.53 2009-12-24 06.09.30 The dome was circled with blue stained glass. 2009-12-24 06.15.30 The domed ceiling suggests somehow that the sky itself is a dome. 2009-12-24 06.10.20 Tourists are not allowed in when organized prayers are conducted, but there were a few people quietly praying or meditating. The atmosphere was hushed. I wonder what they were praying for. 2009-12-24 06.17.20 2009-12-24 06.25.59 Blue, I believe, is a calming color. On our way out it was hard not to feel awed, and a bit more peaceful.

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  1. I really loved the Blue Mosque and went in wearing a long dress and with my head covered. A woman in spandex bike shorts was arguing with one of the men as to why she couldn’t enter. It was so ignorant and disrespectful. I absolutely loved the Iznik tiles. Simply beautiful!

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