My New Flowering Dogwood

Yesterday I planted a flowering dogwood I had ordered from ForestFarm. It’s a variety developed at the University of Tennessee called “Appalachian Blush” with pink and white flowers. It’s funny how you never see flowering dogwood at garden centers around here and it’s even somewhat rare among on-line retailers. The Chinese dogwood Cornus kousa seems much more common. I guess it’s the danger or anthracnose, though I’m not sure if anthracnose is common in the Midwest. Thing is, the fruit of the Chinese dogwood is not nearly as attractive to birds. 

Anyway, I planted my new flowering dogwood in part sun in deep, fertile soil. I’ll give it some pampering and see what happens.

This is what “Appalachian Blush” flowers look like:

I put it agaist the back fence where I had cut down the bridalwreath. It should grow tall enough to block the view of the neighbor’s house across the alley but not so tall that it’s a problem for the power lines. Right now it’s about 5′ tall and hasn’t leafed out yet. Actually, it kind of looks like a long skinny stick, but I remind myself that dogwoods are fast growers.

Live long and prosper, “Appalachian Blush.”

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