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Bloom Day for May

Tomorrow is Bloom Day, a chance for us to give a monthly overview of everything in flower in their gardens. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is hosted by May Dreams Gardens, where you can find a link to Bloom Day posts from around the world.

A Pollinator Paradise

Rhonda Fleming Hayes is the author of Pollinator Friendly Gardening, and we were able to visit her Minneapolis garden on the first morning of the fling.

Maximize Your Optimization!

Dear Spam Author, First of all, let me say how flattered I am by the many kind comments you have written on my website. I’m so pleased that you advise all your “facebook buddies” to read my site! Also, I cannot thank you enough for your generous offers of assistance. Although I was a little …

The Ministry of Silly Gardens

Does anybody remember the old Monty Python sketch about the Ministry of Silly Walks? This diverting bit of absurdity came to mind when Judy and I visited the International Garden Festival at Chateau Chaumont back in September. The Festival contained a number of gardens which, like the Ministry, took themselves very seriously but were in …