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Crabapple Surprise

I’ve been disgruntled lately about the garden’s lack of fall ornamental fruits. This year in particular has been almost entirely fruitless. Then suddenly our ‘Golden Raindrops’ Crabapple dropped its bright yellow leaves, and – boom! Clusters of bright yellow fruits emerged, no longer camouflaged by the foliage. I’ll be curious to see how long these …

Almost Fruitless

I keep trying and failing to have lots of autumn berries in the garden. Berries are good to have, in theory, because they attract birds and provide ornamental interest in fall and winter.

Lilacs And Other Flowering Shrubs Of May

There are certain shrubs and small trees whose flowers symbolize the peak of spring.

I Love Flowering Crabapples

When it comes to small flowering trees, is there anything better than the Crabapple (Malus sp.)? Of course not – I’m glad you agree.¬†And my ‘Donald Wyman’ flowering crab is especially lovable this year. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this tree so full of blooms.

Winter Interest, My Ass

Current events are not doing much to put me in a holiday mood, and the garden isn’t really helping. That’s because this year the whole “winter interest” ¬†thing has been a big dud.

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring (Tra La)

A great deal can happen in the garden between the first of May and the middle of the month. Much depends on the vagaries of the weather, and we’ve had a surplus of vagaries this year. In this two week time span, some flowers fade and others emerge. Every inspection of the garden at this …

Those Dazzling November Days

In the normal course of events, November is one of the two most dismal months of the year. At least, in my part of the world. An inky blackness falls by 5 PM, the leaves are dead, and a penetrating chill is in the air. (The other most dismal month is February.)

Goodbye to Yew, and Other Developments

Downsizing the Yew. When I was a kid, my family sometimes took vacations at a cabins-on-a-lake-in-the-woods sort of resort. I remember that at the gift shop they sold a t-shirt that said “I Pine Fir Yew and Balsam, Too”. Anybody else remember a t-shirt like that? Anyhow, I decided to prune the big Japanese Yew …

The Best Crabapples for Birds and ‘Layered Garden’ Winner

Last week I got a new crabapple tree for the space where the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) had died. Usually I plant bareroot trees myself, but this time we shelled out for a tree from the nursery that was about 9′ and too heavy for me to plant on my own. In addition to being …