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Tongva Park, Santa Monica

Tongva Park is an innovative public space in the city of Santa Monica, just north of Venice Beach. Barely more than two years old, it was designed by some of the same people who did the High Line in New York City.

Venice, California

While in Los Angeles we stayed at a rented cottage in the Venice neighborhood.

On Top Of The World: The Dudan Garden In Walnut Creek

In the flatlands where I live, gardens with dramatic views are something of a rarity. I was left pretty much speechless, as a result, by the Dudan garden in Walnut Creek. For me, the dominant features of this garden were the far off hills, stone, and water. It was a very hot day – this …

The Wave Garden In Richmond Point

The Wave is a private garden overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The homeowners bought the lot between their house and the water and turned it into a garden. A great idea, if you have the cash. We Flingers got there late in the afternoon. We staggered out of the coaches, hot and tired, yet this …