Tag: Bird Baths

A Hawk at the Bird Bath

Judy was working from home the other day, sitting on our back porch. At one point she looked up from her laptop and saw this right outside the window. We’ve seen hawks in the back garden before, but never at the bird bath. This is the heated bird bath we put out during the winter. …

Robin Takes A Bath

Robins go in for a very aerobic style of bathing. We have a bird bath set up so that we can watch it from the back porch. Provides a lot of entertainment. A young robin contemplates taking a dip. And SPLASH! And rest. And SPLASH! And a little grooming. OK, where’s the hair dryer?

The Leaning Fountain of Cleveland Street

We got a new fountain/birdbath this weekend. It’s cast stone, which is really a variety of concrete. It was fabricated to look old, sort of the landscaping equivalent of pre-washed jeans. I like it, though. What happened to our old fountain/birdbath? Well, it was very nice, but it was also extremely heavy. Too heavy to …