Robin Takes A Bath

Robins go in for a very aerobic style of bathing. We have a bird bath set up so that we can watch it from the back porch. Provides a lot of entertainment.

Hmm, time for a bath.
Hmm, time for a bath.

A young robin contemplates taking a dip.

2015-08-15 13.29.44 Robin


2015-08-15 13.29.48 robin

And rest.

2015-08-15 13.30.19-1 robin


2015-08-15 13.30.33 robin

And a little grooming.

2015-08-15 13.30.32 robin

OK, where’s the hair dryer?

48 Comments on “Robin Takes A Bath”

  1. What a hoot. This young ‘un looks like he has mastered life’s lessons and will do well. In the past weeks we’ve had a number of young cardinals at the feeders and I’ve enjoyed their antics as they’ve learned to grasp onto the wire cages and retrieve seed.

  2. Oh I love these shots (as well as the insightful commentary). Wet birds do indeed lose a little of their dignity. You must know that anyone who reads your post is smiling. So maybe I should shoot some pictures of my cat Bailey taking a dirt bath (sometimes with a bit of gravel–sort of a kitty loofa?).

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