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Round and Round Over Roundup

When I hear people debate the herbicide glyphosate, or Roundup as it is more commonly known, I generally want to hide under a table. This is because I have friends who are passionate on both sides of the issue.

Wise Words on Bee Decline

I hope a lot of people pay attention to the opinion piece by Mark Winston in today’s New York Times. Winston, a biologist at Simon Fraser University, argues that we should be looking at the destructive synergy created by all the factors contributing to bee decline – pesticides, intensive agriculture, disease, etc. He warns that …

Reason to Bee Hopeful?

There is an article in the most recent Science section of the New York Times on efforts to fight the worrisome decline of bees. The focus is on increasing the availability of plants in agricultural areas that provide forage for pollinators. In California, researchers are testing native plants for use in hedgerows or among crops. …