The spring floral parade marches on, abetted by the seasonally mild weather of the last few days.


Here’s a view of the Parkway Bed, looking east.


This end of the Parkway Bed is a particularly sunny spot, and many flowering bulb varieties like to bloom here first.


Here’s a view of the Driveway Border from the sidewalk. Please ignore the utility flags.


The species tulip Tulipa dasystemon is having its star turn. Its white-tipped flowers of gold are bursting open everywhere. There is a good reason you may think it looks like T. tarda, as the John Scheepers catalog says the two are so closely related they “could be one and the same.”

In the upper right corner you can see some of the last Tulipa turkestanica to still be in bloom.


Several hybrid tulips are showing off their first blooms in this favored sunny spot. The orange ones above are ‘Princess Irene’, the red and yellow is ‘Helmar’.


Another view of ‘Princess Irene’.


‘Helmar’ closed to the morning cold.


Tulip ‘Parade’ is just beginning to adorn the garden with a scattering of dramatic red blooms.


‘Parade’ is a good example of why you need to view tulips from above, not just from the side. The black base edged in yellow is quite a treat.

These first hybrid tulip blooms are just a signal that the real heart of the Tulip season will soon be with us. I, for one, am excited. How about you?

42 Comments on “Tulipmentum”

  1. Your border looks really lovely Jason and must be so nice for passersby to admire. šŸ˜ƒ I like Parade – bold and classy at the same time. My late ones are in flower now as all the warm sunshine through April brought them on quicker.

  2. What a joyous celebration your tulips are, for all who get to see them in person and for your readers, who get to see them virtually! That princess Irene is such a charmer. My tulips are wrapping it up for this season (I tend to plant “early” varieties), but T. batalinii Bright Gem is at its peak and looking splendid. It’s a fave! It would fit well in your tulip family.

  3. They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about viewing from the top. I did a Vase on Monday with some a few weeks ago and I was so disappointed after I’d taken my photographs, written and posted, to see that my nameless yellow had turned into the most amazing star in the sunshine – I should have waited.

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