The Madison Garden Bloggers Fling: Don’t Miss It!

The 2020 Garden Bloggers Fling will be held in Madison, Wisconsin on June 18-21st. For most of us Midwesterners, that’s just a few hours drive – truly a golden opportunity for those who have never before attended.

Ohlbrich Botanical Garden

I’ve written extensively about Garden Blogger Flings of recent years. They are a full-immersion experience of visiting public and private gardens, meeting garden designers and other horticultural pros, and just hanging out with those who share your garden obsession. The Flingers are, buy unanimous agreement, an extremely friendly and gregarious bunch.

uw curtis prairie
UW Arboretum, Curtis Prairie

Highlights will include the Ohlbrich Botanical Garden, University of Wisconsin Arboretum, and the Allen Centennial Gardens. We’ll also have time to stroll the world-famous Madison Farmers’ Market and visit some outstanding private gardens.

Madison Farmers’ Market

Madison is a beautiful town (we lived there for a couple of years), a verdant place of rich earth, parks and lakes. Click here for more information on the Madison Fling.


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