A New Wren Family in the Birdhouse

So we have more wren babies in one of our birdhouses, this time the blue one near the west hedge of the Back Garden. Earlier today Judy was watching and taking pictures as the parents frantically tried to keep the nestlings fed.




“About time!”


“I’ll be right back, honey!”


“I’m back with more yum-yums!”


I guess Wren parents don’t tell their offspring to chew their food, since they have no teeth.


Parents can never rest!

It may be hard work for the avian parents, but backyard birds provide high quality entertainment!

38 Comments on “A New Wren Family in the Birdhouse”

  1. I so love watching the parents tending their nestlings and then after they fledge the frantic pace of keeping them all herded close so they all get fed. Great entertainment indeed. The birds are finished nesting in our garden. Now we watch for migrants and hope to see some of those fledglings feeding on their own.

  2. Great photos Judy! It is easy to see who is in charge with that baby! Sure does remind us all how hard it is being a parent….and I wonder if the adult birds lose weight during this frantic feeding time? Lovely insight into birdlife.

  3. What fun to watch this brood of wrens grow up. Great entertainment indeed! We’ve been privileged to have both Bluebirds and tree swallows raise broods this summer; when the young fledged we were happy for them but felt bereft that we’d have no more birds to watch until next summer.

  4. Wonderful series of pictures! What a treat to be able to watch the comings and goings of the parents and the clamoring of the babies. I suggested to Clif that he might make me a bird house for my upcoming birthday in September. We shall see. 😉 If he does, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

  5. I think it was Doug Tallamy who said that it takes around 6,000 caterpillars for a bird to feed a clutch of babies. I’m not sure which bird he was talking about, but it certainly did bring home the importance of landscaping for wildlife. If I were a bird, I’d want to live in your yard, too — just think of all the juicy morsels around there.

  6. I went to check one of my wren houses this year when I saw something hanging out of it. Some damn critter ate the head off of one of the babies. Not to be deterred, I cleaned out the house and another family moved in. Look at me! I’m in real estate.

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