The Fleeting Pleasure of Poppies

The Poppies put on a nice show this year, the third season since they were planted. These are orange poppies, double-flowered. My friend Linc gave them to me. I do not know the variety or even the species, so I just refer to them as ‘Linc’s Poppies’. If I had to guess I would say they were some kind of Oriental Poppy (Papaver orientale).


Their timing was fortuitous, as they burst into bloom just after the Tulips were done. Thus they provided me with another quick fix of orange just when I needed it.

The first two buds opened on the day last week when I had to travel to Springfield. All the hairy, nodding buds promised more orangey goodness in the near future.

file (4)

Sure enough, during the week Judy texted me this picture. These were the poppies at their peak. I love the combination of vibrant color with thin, delicate petals. Delicate, but short-lived. By the time I got home on Friday, the Poppy show was almost over.

This is the first year that we had a decent number of blooms. I’m looking forward to the continued spread of these Poppies, and the drama and energy they briefly inject into the Driveway Border when there isn’t a lot else going on.


Incidentally, these Poppies bloom simultaneously with our ‘Kit Kat’ Catmint (Napeta x faassenii). The Catmint’s mass of tiny blue flowers complement the Poppies beautifully.


Do you grow Poppies in your garden? If so, would you happen to know what kind of Poppies these are?


57 Comments on “The Fleeting Pleasure of Poppies”

  1. We have poppies in the wilder parts of our garden – these look like perennial poppies, possibly Persian poppy (bracteum) but the dark centre looks smaller in yours. Oriental poppies generally have a much wider dark centre but there could be some like yours. Let us know if you get a firm id!

  2. I adore these poppies. I see them in several gardens around town. I don’t know what kind they are. I have bought starts over the years but the longest they have lasted in my garden is 3 years. They never produced enough to carry on. Like you say they are drama for the garden with those outlandish orange blooms. Do you cut back your catmint? Mine is a different variety and is quite floppy right now. I am about to cut it back. I hope I don’t kill it.

  3. They are a great burst of colour. I have European red poppies and Californian poppies (Eschscholzia californica) and a friend has just given me some seed of poppies she has in her garden that a tones of red and orange a mix of doubles and singles so maybe the same as yours.

  4. If they are hardy they could well be oriental ones, but doubles – gorgeous! My oriental poppies are much larger plants with a larger, darker centre, but single petals – but there are so many different ones. Do let us know if someone can identify them correctly!

  5. My poppies look much the same as yours, only they are single, alas. I didn’t know double was an option! I’ve always thought of them as opium poppies but since I dug them up ahead of a bulldozer, I really have no idea. I like the idea of them being “Linc’s Poppies” πŸ™‚
    It was a good year for them in my garden for sure. I can never refrain from taking their photographs, they are just so pretty.

  6. I love your poppies, I haven’t had much luck with poppies, but perhaps I need supports for them as they grow taller, the way you have them. When we were in Italy we saw poppies all through the fields near Rome, a lovely sight. Not something we would ever see in Australia.

  7. I love poppies. Usually I’m not that big into short-lived flowers but with a bunch of flowers coming along the show does go on for a while with these. I have a few opium poppy seedlings this spring. I hope they do well since my luck with them has not been so good in the past πŸ™‚

  8. I should grow California poppies since I am , y ‘know, in California. But I grow P. somniferum ‘Laurens Grape’. Sumptuous color and re-seeds. I don’t think yours are Oriental. If they are annuals that re-seed not O’s. If they are perennial and look like crapola the rest of the summer , yes.

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