Spring is Delayed, Please See Agent For Details

The temperatures for most of this March have hovered between a few degrees above to a few degrees below freezing. This means that Spring has been emerging with excruciating slowness. Most nights the soil freezes, along with the potting mix in containers. We have Snowdrops, for which I am grateful, but nothing else.


persephone statue b
The Greek goddess Persephone. She hates waiting in airports. 

This makes me think of the goddess Persephone, whose annual trip from the underworld (she has a house-sharing arrangement) causes spring to burst forth. Perhaps spring is delayed because she is stuck at Underworld International Airport. She is sitting in one of those hard plastic chairs staring at an electronic display screen.

Over the loudspeaker she hears: “This is an announcement for passengers on flight 232 to the Land of the Living. The flight has been delayed due to bad weather conditions.”

Or worse: “This is an announcement for passengers on flight 232. Unfortunately, this flight is overbooked. We’re looking for passengers who are willing to take a later flight in exchange for a three day stay in Elysium. Any passenger who is interested should see an agent at Gate 26.” Persephone mutters something about airline deregulation, though it’s true that a lot of deities like to get out of the underworld at this time of year.

Persephone is dressed in ferns and laurels and bluebells, though the bluebells are starting to wilt.

Maybe she’s just stuck in an airport security line. You’d think by now she’d have TSA pre-check.

Of course, last year at this time the ground was still covered with snow, so I really shouldn’t complain. But complaining about the weather is what gardeners do. In fact, there’s a group on Facebook called Weather Bitching for Gardeners (I was one of the first members).

Is there anything we can do to get Persephone onto that flight out of the underworld?Perhaps something to propitiate the gods on Olympus. Or maybe register a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration.

51 Comments on “Spring is Delayed, Please See Agent For Details”

  1. When I saw Persephone’s photo and the caption beneath, I laughed out loud. Believe me, I haven’t laughed in a few days, so thank you for that. Then, when I got to the name of the Facebook group, I laughed again. As for propitiation, perhaps sacrificing a meteorologist or two would do the trick: not real ones, of course, but the sort of show up on television to entertain rather than to inform.

  2. I’m up in Wisconsin and excruciatingly slow is the most accurate description of this particular Midwest “warm up” I’ve seen in a long time. Its like watching paint dry! Wondering how I can chip in and get her on a chartered jet… Kickstarter anyone?

  3. Oh, how apt this post is, especially in Maine! Tomorrow, we are due to get hit with another Nor’easter, the third in three weeks. Spring seems like a distant memory. Watching Monty Don on Netflix helps. 😉

  4. Thanks for this! I concur, spring does seem excruciatingly delayed this year. Perhaps this is some verification for Punxsutawney Phil. But then whatever small sign occurring gets that much more attention. My robin has been back in the yard for at least a week. Returning to waking up in the dark doesn’t help much, though. 🙂

  5. Of course she is stuck in a line someplace. So many trying to make it into Spring. She is probably sitting there in a pout wondering why someone doesn’t give her a seat. Definitely should write to the FAA regarding this. She should get first choice.

  6. LOL! We have had a few days of spring as a teasing taster, but now with freezing temperatures on the way from the north-east in a few days, so I hope someone lets that goddess jump the queue soon! 🙂 Enjoy those snowdrops Jason. Spring can’t be far off now and gardeners are known for their patience, as well as for constantly complaining about the weather!

  7. Ha, love it! I think she boarded a plane and almost landed here end of February, but the plane had to turn around with the arrival of all those nor’easters. Now she’s stuck back in that airport and still waiting…

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