Riding the Tokyo Water Bus

So where were we? Oh right, Judy and I had just gotten on the Tokyo Water Bus at the Hama Rikyu Garden stop. We decided we would take the Sumida River Line to Asakusa, then get off and walk to the Sensoji Temple.


Here’s a map of the various water bus routes. The Sumida River Line is in gold. You can see the Hama Rikyu stop at the lower left, and Asakusa is at the upper left.


Here’s the view from the river as we leave Hama Rikyu. Remember that it was a mostly rainy day.



The park seen from the river was quite attractive. On a drier day it would be nice to sit on those benches.


This was an interesting building. Is there a name for this technique of making the outer part of a building appear as if it were partially torn away?


Another river view.




And an unusual bridge. The rain started coming down much harder while we were on the river, and Judy struggled to take photographs through the raindrop-streaked window.


Another bridge.


These two look like they are having a heart-to-heart. Wonder what they are talking about.


Judy and I were completely puzzled by that pointy gold thing attached to the above building. What is it supposed to be – a giant carrot or radish? Turns out the building is owned by Asahi Beer. Maybe the gold thing is supposed to represent horizontally flowing beer, I don’t know.


After a little more than half an hour, we reached the Asakusa stop and got back onto land.


The stop was extremely clean (like almost everything else in Japan) and nicely landscaped.


Once disembarked, we wandered off to find Sensoji Temple. However, that will have to wait for another post.

That’s all for now.

24 Comments on “Riding the Tokyo Water Bus”

  1. What interesting architecture. I, of course, had to find out about that gold thing – it’s the Asahi Flame and is supposed to represent the burning heat of the beer as well as it’s frothy head. Don’t really understand that, but then again I’m not one for modern sculpture.

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