Don’t Miss This Year’s Garden Bloggers Fling in DC

Readers of this blog may know that for the past four years Judy and I have attended the annual Garden Bloggers Fling. We’re especially looking forward to this year’s Fling, which will be held June 23rd-25th in the DC region. If you write a garden blog, you should be there too!

The US Botanical Garden

Why? Well, here are three good reasons:

This “Victory Garden” is one of the Smithsonian gardens.

Reason 1: Join your tribe! At the Garden Bloggers Fling, you will never have to worry about boring people with obsessive garden talk. That’s because everyone will be engaging in obsessive garden talk. Between the gardens and my fellow bloggers, I always come back from the Fling with plenty of new ideas to try out in my own garden.

Attendees at the 2016 Garden Bloggers Fling

What’s more, you get to meet the people behind the blogs you’ve been reading for years. In our experience, you’ll feel that you have a connection even when you meet these people for the first time. Plus, they are a fun and friendly bunch!

Brookside Gardens in the DC suburbs. 


Reason 2: Visit Great Gardens! The Fling takes you to famous gardens – in DC we’ll spend time in the US Botanic Garden and the Smithsonian Gardens. But we’ll also visit lesser known gems in DC, suburban Maryland and Virginia – not to mention some wonderful private gardens.

A Franciscan monastery garden in suburban Maryland

Reason 3: Get Free Stuff! Where do you think Judy and I got 200 daffodil bulbs this fall? Swag from the Garden Bloggers Fling, that’s where. Plus you get to meet people from the plant nurseries, seed growers, and tool makers you’ve always loved (or you will love once you get to know them).

The Fling is not like those huge conferences where you feel lost in the crowd. As a result, attendance is limited. If you think you want to attend, it’s better to register soon while slots are available. To register for the Fling visit their website here. See you in DC!

39 Comments on “Don’t Miss This Year’s Garden Bloggers Fling in DC”

  1. I visited D.C. last year for the first time, but missed seeing all the gardens as well as several places I wanted to see. I definitely want to go back! Still debating because of a possible conflict with the dates, but I think I’d better get my act together and make a decision soon.

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