My 2016 Tulip Order!

Yes, once again it is time to order the tulips. This year’s order is a mix of old favorites and promising newcomers.

First, for the old favorites:

‘Annie Schilder’ – A mid-season orange tulip, about 18″ tall. Annie is a Triumph tulip, a cross between Single Early and Darwin Hybrid.

2015-05-03 10.22.15 ballerina

‘Ballerina’ – An orange Lily Flowering tulip and one of my favorite favorites, if you get my meaning. I’m very fond of orange tulips, as I am fond of orange flowers in general. Late blooming and 22″ tall.

2015-05-04 08.24.14 couleur cardinal
‘Couleur Cardinal’

‘Couleur Cardinal’ – Another one of my favorite favorites! A Single Early tulip, red-purple, short but sturdy at 12″ tall.

‘Keizerskroon’ – A brilliant red and yellow Single Early tulip variety that goes back to 1750.

‘Princess Irene’ – Another Single Early, a dramatic mix of orange and purple.

But we don’t want to get stuck in a rut, do we? So here are the newbies I’m trying out this fall:

‘Cash’ – Bright orange with red flames, a mid-season Darwin Hybrid about 20″ tall.

‘Dordogne’ – A single late tulip, a towering 26″, with big red and orange flowers.

‘Pittsburgh’. Photo from


‘Pittsburgh’ – A mid-season Triumph tulip. Looks rather like ‘Couleur Cardinal’ but ย more purple and taller at 18″.

‘Red Riding Hood’ – A scarlet red Greigii tulip with mottled foliage, mid-season but short at only 10″ tall.

‘Stunning Apricot’ – I’m very fond of apricots. This one is a Single Late tulip, an imposing 28″ tall.


‘Suncatcher’. Photo from

‘Suncatcher’ – A red and yellow Triumph tulip that blooms mid-season.

I only ordered 180 tulips, so I probably should have ordered fewer varieties. It’s just so hard to choose.

In addition to tulips, I ordered a few more hardy lilies – 5 ‘Casa Blanca’ Oriental Lilies and 5 ‘Conca D’Or’ Orienpets.

Finally, thanks to the Minneapolis Garden Bloggers Fling, Judy and I will receive 200 mixed Daffodils for free from Colorblends. So I will have my hands full, literally, in October.

Have you ordered your fall bulbs yet?


42 Comments on “My 2016 Tulip Order!”

  1. I ordered mine in August and they were delivered last Friday Jason. I intend chilling all the tulips before planting them and some I’m going to experiment with various chilling times and different heat if planted in pots for cutting. The two huge boxes are a bit daunting if I’m honest.

    • There is a grouping of Tulips called the Viridis – they have a greenish stripe down the center of the tepals. I’m not especially fond of them, myself. However, you are absolutely right that tulips have amazing genetic diversity, which explains why they are so beloved by breeders!

  2. You have quite a few of my favourites here Jason and also some new to me. I shall look out for Stunning Apricot. Oh dear, it is so difficult, there are are always so many gorgeous ones in the catalogues that I have to revise my list several times and still manage to spend far too much.

  3. Only 180 tulips?? I think our definition of what constitutes a large order is very different! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve not ordered any bulbs this year as I have so much on my plate already (due to all the delays this summer with the hot weather) that I’ve decided to hold off until next year instead. I hope you do a post when you plant those all up…

  4. I love those oranges and reds too, but I have chosen a few paler ones this year – whites, pinks and violets… they should be arriving tomorrow, so I could get some in this weekend! I also chose some Camassia, as I was so impressed with the few I planted last year both in pots and in the ground, and lots more narcissi and crocuses too. Good luck with all that planting!

  5. You’ve chosen some beauties. I haven’t ordered this year thinking that I already have lots of bulbs in the ground. However, they’re calling my name so a few will come home with me tomorrow as a gift card at a local nursery is burning a hole in my pocket. Your tulips in pots idea is a great one and I’ll copy it this year. Easier than finding space in the crowded garden beds for bulbs!

  6. Hello Jason, my favourite is the “Couleur Cardinal”, I love the two-tone red. We might miss the bulb-planting season again as we’re trying to finish off some smaller jobs and we’re rather tired from creating the corner border (and others) this year. At least I have your pots of tulips to look forward to in the spring!

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