Palos Verdes Drive

I was wondering if the cold would ever really settle in this winter, but I think the recent weather indicates that the answer is “yes”. In fact, when we got back from our end-of-year trip our car was coated with a solid three inches of ice.

Looking out at the Pacific from a park on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

As I scraped the windshields I thought back fondly on our recent sojourn. It was the second time in two years that we had spent Christmas in  Los Angeles.

The view of Los Angeles from a turnoff on the Palos Verdes Drive.

On our first day there we decided to take our rental car down San Pedro Drive, starting just south of Los Angeles and ending in San Pedro.

The silhouette of Catalina Island is across the water.

It’s only a fourteen mile drive, but you can easily consume an entire afternoon with all the turnoffs and paths for wandering.


There is a small state park at the turnoff for the Point Vicente Lighthouse, complete with a small museum and a deck for whale watching.


We didn’t see any whales, but we enjoyed watching the pelicans flying in formation above our heads. Oh, you pelicans, don’t take that blue sky for granted.

39 Comments on “Palos Verdes Drive”

  1. Stunning! But you bring up a good reason I delay winter getaway trips until February or March. Escaping in December or January means you have two winters in one year–before the vacation and after, and the “after” is so painful. We’ll be going to S. Cal. in March and I can’t wait! Still, any time you can get away from the cold is a good thing, IMHO. ;0)

  2. Lovely photos Jason, we took this trip several years ago with our children and remember the Pelicans. It was a really happy holiday, I hope we get to do this again, meanwhile we are enjoying the memories brought back by your trip.

  3. It must have been quite a shock to the system to come home to three inches of ice after enjoying those beautiful blue skies and seas. What a fantastic place to enjoy Christmas, I can see why you went back. I’d go for those beautiful pelicans alone! Shame you didn’t spot any

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