Robin Goes a Huntin’

This is the time of year when you see juvenile American Robins about the garden. Juveniles have a spotted breast instead of a red breast. They are cute and fun to watch, especially when they are on the hunt.

Robins like to hunt in leaf litter and lawns, which is another good reason to keep the insecticides and pesticides off your grass.


“I’m hungry.”


“How come there’s never anything to eat around here?”


“Now, that looks like it could be something to eat.”


“It IS something to eat!”


“I’m going to sneak up on it very quietly.”




“I’m still hungry.”

Hoping all of you had a fine holiday weekend. See you soon.

28 Comments on “Robin Goes a Huntin’”

  1. Thanks so much for this post! I have never seen a juvenile robin even though we have robins aplenty in central Maine. And, yes, another good reason not to apply herbicides or pesticides to your lawn.

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