First Snowfall

Last Sunday we awoke to an inch or so of snow on the ground. Nothing like the avalanche that hit western New York, but a bit startling even so.

DSC_0589 snow back garden

It was frigid through most of the week, then warmed up.


The snow left little white hats on the dried flower heads of the ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangeas.

DSC_0590 patio snow

As of today the snow has withdrawn, muttering under it’s breath: “I’ll be back”.

38 Comments on “First Snowfall”

  1. Hello Jason, I think we’re still a way off a snowfall yet, but we have had our second heavy frost of the winter season. More than anything else it’s been dull, very wet and generally miserable. We’ve had some surprisingly mild days though they’re getting increasingly few and far-between.

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