Spring is Not Just a Figment of My Imagination

I had begun to wonder if we had entered a new ice age, or perhaps that winter was really the one season of the year. The other seasons can only be enjoyed in the afterlife by the truly righteous.

Snowdrops emerge from the frozen ground.
Snowdrops emerge from the frozen ground.

But in the last few days, winter has loosened its grip, and there are hints of another, better way of life. The snow has been melting, the temperatures warming – at least some of the time. And as bare ground is exposed, there is a sign of life – a little clump of snowdrops that emerged out of the frozen ground and into the snow, now visible.

Newly emerged snowdrops.
Newly emerged snowdrops.

With the snow gone, this particular patch of snowdrops is looking a bit peckish. I’m sure that they’ll look better with a bit of time in the sun, though. There are other snowdrops that have emerged only in the last day or two.

My own private Himalayas.
My own private Himalayas. This is from March 2, it’s better now.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of the cold white stuff. This is especially true along the sidewalk and driveway where repeated bouts of shovelling have left small mountain ranges of snow right on top of my flower borders.

And while winter is definitely in retreat, it is known to conduct some aggressive rear guard actions.Back on March 1, for example, we got about 6″ of snow after several days of mild weather.

Carl the Concrete Chicken after the March 1 snowstorm.
Carl the Concrete Chicken after the March 1 snowstorm.

That last 6″ and more has melted in the past few days. For example, here is Carl the Concrete Chicken (an important piece of Garden Art in our back garden) after the March 1 snowstorm.

Carl today.
Carl today.

And here is Carl earlier today.

Now that the snow is going I can admit it can look good when newly fallen.
Now that the snow is going I can admit it can look good when newly fallen.

Are you able to see bare ground where you are?

52 Comments on “Spring is Not Just a Figment of My Imagination”

  1. No bare ground yet in Maine. In fact, the icy piles left by the plow are now so high that the reflectors I put out in fall to guide the plow guy are just about buried. Let’s hope for serious melting and spring flowers soon.

  2. The landscape looks similar here in Madison, but I don’t have anything blooming yet. Several patches of Daffodils and Crocuses poking out of the soil and ice, though. Man, they are hardy plants! Hopefully we’ve experienced the last of the single digits for the season, but I know from past years that we can probably expect more snow during the early spring. Hang in there!

  3. I feel cold just reading your post!
    I don’t want to crow but we have had beautiful Spring weather here in York UK for nearly a month now. We are at least a month ahead of usual and the Spring flowers such as daphne and many bulbs such as daffs, scilla and chionodoxa are in full bloom.We are well past the best of snowdrops and crocus Perhaps when your Spring comes that is what you really get.Our climate is so variable that severe cold and snow could still return!

  4. Well I am clearly amongst the truly righteous, Jason because I have Spring in my garden. I hope you don’t have to wait for the afterlife to enjoy Spring too.
    I’m surprised you have been thinking about blue flowers lately, I’d have thought that you would be dreaming of hot colours; reds and oranges and sunny yellows to warm you up.

  5. Hang on in there and all will soon be lovely in the garden! You must be sick and tired of your long cold winter and longing to feel the warm sun on your back. here in the uk, I hate to say, we have been blessed with a very mild winter so far, so things are quite far advanced.

  6. A hearty “Huzzah!!” to the appearance of bare ground. We’re also melting slowly here in Eastern North Dakota, but we’ve got some snow and the dreaded wintry mix of precipitation in the forecast for the next few days. I’m remaining positive though and focusing on seed starting and other garden preparations.

  7. You betcha I can. It is wonderful. I have some snowdrops and crocus blooming too. The only bad thing is that “they” say we are to get 2 inches of snow today. I am sick of what “they” are saying. I hope you thaw completely soon. It feels good to walk on snow free ground.

  8. Spring is fighting its way here in St. Louis. Yesterday was in the 60s and lovely, and I saw signs of spring in the garden beds beneath the leaves. Today we awoke to sleet, snow showers and gusting winds, a warning that winter is still with us.

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