Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: I’m Back!

I haven’t done a GBBD post since October. And because we are having such a cold spring (or Sprinter, as Rachelle at Talking to Plants puts it), I don’t have much to show yet. Plenty of stuff getting ready to bloom, not much actually blooming.


In terms of bulbs, the snowdrops (Galanthus) are pretty much played out. There are lots of crocus, however.

More Crocus

Also the Siberian squill (Scilla sibirica) is just beginning to bloom in both the back and front gardens.

Siberian Squill
Siberian Squill

Normally at this time of year we’d have daffodils and species tulips showing their stuff, but not now. To counteract the shortage of color, I’ve been buying pansies and violas by the flat. I  bought mostly white, with a bit of blue, for the planters and containers in the back garden. This is something I do most years.

Newly planted pansies in the stump planter.

Also, for the first time, I’ve bought spring annuals for the driveway border. I planted a patch of stock by the front door, mostly for the fragrance. And at the far end I’ve planted about a flat and a half of violas, mostly yellow but with patches of blue. They should go nicely with the daffodils, celandine poppy, and grape hyacinths when these finally get around to blooming. To really fill this bed, I’d need at least one more flat, but I think I’ll hold off. I don’t have all the locations of all the perennials marked, so I have to cautiously make planting holes by hand. Fortunately, the soil is nice and soft.

Stock flowers
The driveway bed just after I planted stock and violas. Not too much color yet.

In terms of other stuff, we are being tantalized by the promise of future blooms. The container tulips are making nice progress.

Tulips in Containers
Tulips in Containers

And you can see the daffodils are getting ready.

Clump of daffodils

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of little nibbles of color. I want the main course, and I want seconds!

Has your appetite for color in the garden been satisfied yet?

58 Comments on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: I’m Back!”

  1. Hi Jason, even if you have less blooms yet, at least i’ve seen my favorite purple crocus. I wonder why you don’t have snowdrops. I used to see in blogs that they are normally growing together, haha! But those blue ones are lovely too.

  2. My squill seems very late this year. I fear I may have disturbed it with other seasonal plantings.
    Mind if I ask where you get your stock? I love it, but haven’t had much luck with it — perhaps because I relegate it containers.

  3. Everything was taking ages to bloom here too, and then after just 2 or 3 milder days with some good rainfall it’s all happening at once…. we’re on the main course now! So hope you get some warmer days very soon and you can tuck in!

  4. Hi Jason! My appetite has just started being satisfied, I guess I am a little ahead of you. But I like your crocuses, I have to buy some for next year, I always avoid short plants but I shall change this habit of mine, especially for spring plants.

  5. I have crocus too and not much more. We finally have the rains which will jump start the gardens. The little violas are making an appearance too. Our gardens are running about par. I just edged the beds yesterday and I see your beds are freshly edged. It is great when spring finally comes around and the sun is shining, but I will take the rains. Oh do we need them.

  6. I assume that you get your stock at the stock market, right? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) The blue of siberian squill is heavenly! Once the crocus start, the riot of spring color isn’t far behind. A few warm days and you’ll have technicolor magic!

  7. I’m glad things are moving in the right direction for your Jason. Now there is a bit of heat your potted Tulips should come on leaps and bounds, I know mine have!
    I don’t particularly have an appetite for colour – just some spring growth on a few things that I’m hoping haven’t died! I keep looking in a few empty spots willing them on 🙂

  8. Colors have not got satisfied yet but they have already started coming and I am waiting patiently for all the various colors to come and go till winter :-). Your beds will really look nice when all those colors emerge

  9. Nope, my need for masses of color is not yet satisfied! I’m hoping that a lot of the crocuses and bulbs I planted last year spread and give me larger areas of color next year. Must remember to fertilize them once they’re done blooming!

    Lots of stuff on its way, though–oodles of daffodil buds, the candytuft, basket of gold alyssum. . .

  10. Welcome back and Happy GBBD! Looks like you may have some tulips for us next month. I will have to adopt the term “Sprinter” for our slow moving Zone 6a spring this year. It is a good thing, preferred over the sudden spring last year, but I am craving that color as well.

  11. Hi Jason, I’m right with you in wanting all of spring to be here. I’m so tired of highs in the 40s, that I’ve even said I’d rather have it be 80 than this. Still, it’s always nice to have some 60s and 70s in the spring. Thanks for visiting my last post. I do seem to have more blooms than you so far, but I like your larger patches of things. I’m also needing to be careful of not digging where perennials are that haven’t come up yet.

  12. Satisfied? Spring has barely started although I do have some daffodils flowering. Very little else is out but we are having a few dry and sunnier days so things will start moving.

    Very eager to get started, but there may be a frosty night yet.

  13. Love the crocus! I am beginning to think that a spring area would be wonderful to have – with all the spring blooms concentrated so that the bed looks completely full. Like you, I rarely buy annuals, but sometimes they are worth their weight in gold. I think this year is one of those times!

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