First Flowers of Spring!

For some time now, I’ve had a growing sense that everyone around the world is rejoicing in their many colorful spring blooms. Everyone, that is, except myself and other winter-weary gardeners in Chicago and further North. It’s a feeling akin to knowing that there is a really big party out there to which you were not invited.


Well, my invitation has finally arrived. Most of the snow melted over the weekend during the mild, rainy weather. And under the snow, it turns out, there were snowdrops (Galanthus)!


A few had started to come up in January, and were battered a bit by subsequent deep freezes. But they are welcome even so!


The weather is supposed to dip back down below freezing in the middle of the week, but I can bare that now. The snowdrops have arrived, first flowers of spring in my garden! Hurrah!


38 Comments on “First Flowers of Spring!”

  1. I can understand your excitement, they are such lovely flowers. Over here in the UK our flowers that came up in Jan, Feb and March have now been blasted by snow and icy winds from Russia, something to be said for staying snug under a duvet of snow!!

  2. No crocus :-)? I never thought them as so snow-hardy because they look so dainty. They got covered by a foot of snow. The snow melted and voila! they were still standing looking fresh. The snowdrops look great. I need to buy some of those. Can’t wait to see your beautiful flowers again once the winter is gone. How is the thrush doing?

  3. I still have piles of snow here in Connecticut and spring is a way off, although my snowdrops are in a sunny snow-free area and making me happy. I too feel uninvited to a party, seeing all the posts from gardeners enjoying spring, when it is just gray and brown outside and the ground is too frozen to dig. sigh.

  4. I love snowdrops! I was first introduced to them in England, where they blanketed the ground at Earl Grey’s house in Northumberland, Howick Hall, and I happened to be there when the snowdrop festival was going on. That fall, I planted snowdrops around the birdbath at our house in New Jersey and every year I am delighted to see them! They really make the tail end of winter that much more bearable.

  5. Nice! Now I’m an outsider. Still more than a food of snow on my garden and more snow is falling today. But you know, it’s funny, that little taste of spring with the rain was enough to encourage me that spring is happening–I just can’t see it. Meanwhile, the Hellebores, Snowdrops, and Crocuses are waiting for me under their white blanket. I’m sure no one will be interested to see them on my blog when they arrive (so passe), but I’ll be thrilled. Thanks for the signs of spring! If they’re making an appearance in your garden, they’ll soon be here, too! Meanwhile, magical, twirling, huge snowflakes are dancing outside my window.

  6. I can really feel your joy through this post and the lovely photos. Thank you! This was my first year of having snowdrops. I couldn’t see how small, white flowers would be so moving in the winter. I figured they’d just get lost in the snow and the dark. Now I can’t imagine a late winter without them. They tell you your garden is still alive.

  7. How nice to see your snowdrops! We’ve been having mild weather in Maine, too. (The snow has now all melted off the roof.) Today, I went out to take a look at areas of the garden that are out from under snow cover; I didn’t see anything coming up yet, though.

  8. So glad for you! It has snowed most days this week, but the sun has also popped out for a few hours here and there. That is just enough to get the crocuses blooming, and then they shut again for the snowy nights.

    I think that 200 tommies is a great start btw! I am sure that whoever planted our crocuses decades ago could not have planted that many to start. I hope yours find a happy home as well 🙂

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