Said the Robin to the Botanist …

If I were Lewis Carroll I would write a poem to go with these photographs. I found them while perusing old pictures, something I do a lot of when the weather turns cold. These were taken during a summer visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Judy found a robin who felt that the statue of Carl Linnaeus in the Discovery Garden made for an excellent perch.

Robin: "Don't look so pleased with yourself."
Robin: “Don’t look so pleased with yourself.”

Linnaeus has a rather beatific expression. The robin seems to be scolding him, saying: “Time to get serious! Life is no picnic!”

Robin: "You think you can support a family studying flowers?"
Robin: “You think you can support a family studying flowers?”


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24 Comments on “Said the Robin to the Botanist …”

  1. The photos do seem to beg for a poem. Excellent shots, and there’s definitely a story there! I need to get to the Chicago Botanic Garden again when I’m in the area next spring or summer. All my in-laws live down there, so we’re usually super busy with family stuff when we’re in the Chicago area. But I’d like to spend a week or so exploring the gardens of Chicago in the summertime. They’re incredible.

  2. That’s really cute. The robins seem to be much more visible around this time of year. I regularly have one following me around when I’m outside gardening in the winter. They dart around me and go over where I’ve been digging, looking for worms, it’s lovely.

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