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Summer Blooms for the Shade

Flowers for shade, especially perennials, are usually associated with springtime, before the leaf canopy fills in and blocks most of the sunlight.  We do have a few summer blooms in our shady back garden, though.

Scenes from the Back Garden

For today’s post I’ve got just a few peeks from the shady Back Garden.

A Back Garden Update With (Mostly) Natives for Summer Shade

And this is what the Back Garden looks like in mid-July. The Back Garden sits under the shade of Silver Maples and Siberian Elms, not everyone’s favorite trees, I know. But they give a high, dappled shade that I appreciate.

Snow Day

This past weekend was all about snow.

Bloom Day Supplement: Roses In Shade And Other July Blooms

So on Tuesday night my Bloom Day post was getting long, and I was getting tired, so I decided to cover the back garden in a second post. Which is what I’m doing now. I refer to the back garden as my shady garden, but it is a light, dappled shade mostly from tall Silver …

Smooth Hydrangea: It Grows On You

My relationship with Smooth Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) can be likened to an arranged marriage. I didn’t choose this plant, it was there when we moved into our house 13 years ago. At first I found it mildly disappointing. But as we shared good times and bad, my attitude moved to one of quiet affection. I …