This is going to be a short post because we have our son David his partner Meridith visiting from Minnesota this week. So I just want to show you what I think of as our garden’s first wave of Daffodils.

View from back door. You can see the Hellebores are still doing well.

The timing of our Daffodil blooms seems to have little to do with which varieties are ostensibly the earliest. Rather it is determined by the amount of spring sunshine in each area, as well as where the snow gets piled up from the street, sidewalk, paths, etc., and how long those snow piles take to melt.

A common Daffodil in our Back Garden, ID unknown.

Our first Daffodils are in the Back Garden, particularly at the base of the Silver Maple. These are descendants of a bulb mix planted over 10 years ago. Almost all the varieties have faded away except for one bicolor with a short yellow crown and white perianth. I like it, but couldn’t tell you the name.

‘Ceylon’ I think.

There are also a few orange/yellow clumps like these. I think these are ‘Ceylon’.

Out front, there are only a few Daffodils open here and there in the Parkway Bed. I noticed, though, that the Glory-of-the-Snow has been seeding itself from across the sidewalk, which is fine with me.

But things are changing fast, especially as we experience a string of very warm days – yesterday was in the 80s. Though the weather should cool (and we should be getting some much needed rain) I expect that all kinds of buds, including Daffs and much more, will be bursting in the next few days.

‘Early Harvest’ Kaufmanniana Tulips

So for a final pic, though completely off-topic, here are some of our ‘Early Harvest’ Tulips. They will be done in another day or two, I expect.

30 Comments on “First Wave of Daffodils”

  1. Things are developing so quickly here it’s going to be hard to keep up. One of the biggest downsides to running my own business is that the ‘boss’ (that would be me) often thinks it’s just fine to leave work to go look for flowers! Enjoy your visit. I certainly enjoyed seeing those tulips — they’re my favorites, for their form as well as their color.

  2. Hello Jason, I like the daffodils you have, I knew you’d go for the more daffodil-like daffodils as opposed to newer, more overbred and flimsier cultivars that are also available. The traditional yellow/white, single headed trumpet flowers are the ones I prefer too.

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