While we are waiting for the snow to finish melting, maybe now is a good time to tell you about our cats.

Walter and Molly with siblings. Walter is second from left. Molly is third from right. Photo from Joanna.

We got our two cats, Molly and Walter, last August. They were part of a litter being fostered by our friend Joanna for a local cat shelter.

Here they are playing with one of their favorite toys.

Both cats have distinct personalities. Molly is a bit high strung. She is offended when not shown proper respect.

Walter is more mellow, even a bit goofy. Are there any actual bones in there?

Despite their differences, they get along. Time together is spent wrestling, grooming each other, and co-napping.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in the wider world. Although they often display their interest by lying down on our keyboards, especially when Judy or I are working on some document.

Walter also likes to help with the houseplants, mainly by aerating soil and biting leaves.

They both do like human attention, though not all the time. Or maybe Judy and I are primarily valued by them as heated cushions.

They are both indoor cats. Our last cat was an outdoor cat, and I shudder to think of all the birds and little critters she dispatched. Sometimes I am tempted by the idea of letting Walter and Molly outside on a leash in warmer weather as a form of rabbit deterrence. Though don’t rabbits do most of their eating at night?

Walter and Molly have helped us bear up under the regime of pandemic isolation. We are glad that we decided to make them part of the family.

37 Comments on “Still Life with Cats”

  1. Cute photos! I miss having 2 cats that get along so well.
    But don’t give in to the leash temptation!
    I really regretted it because once the cat knows there is an outdoors they will run for the door at every chance. All cats since that bad experiment are happy watching from the window but show no interest in escaping.

  2. A wonderful post! (Although, to be transparent, I am a cat person with my own indoor crew of felines.)

    Judy’s photos and your words captured them perfectly. I am forever telling my two that their daddies weren’t glass blowers and I really need to see my laptop (or book or paperwork or…) to work on it. They know to put themselves where our attention is, don’t they?

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such pretty kitties! I love their family portrait! Imagine them all sitting still! Two of mine are indoor only, one that showed up last summer stayed in all fall and winter, and is just starting to go out in the back with me. Nice they like each other, of course they grew up together. My three never sleep together. The best they do is a tail touching another. Nice toy.

  4. What a handsome pair. They look so cute in their group picture. Those siblings look so much alike. It is a good thing you chose a couple that aren’t identical so you can tell them apart. I love to see the delicate looking pads on the bottom of dog and cats paws. It is amazing how tough they must be but they look so cute. ha… I am proud of you keeping them inside but like you say if you put them on a leash they might enjoy a round about the garden.

  5. They are beautiful! I am glad they found their FURever home! The still life photograph is beautiful! One of my two rescued cats passed away last Spring after a long and pampered indoor existence. As I contemplated adopting another rescue kitten, a tiny 4-week-old kitten appeared on my patio in late September; no mother cat or siblings in sight. I adopted this tiny little black furball, who coincidentally is a miniature version of my other cat. The two have bonded over time. I cannot imagine my life without cats. They are great company, and provide me with the love and warm hugs I can’t get from my grown daughters during this pandemic. Enjoy their escapades!

  6. Love seeing your cats. I’m a cat person myself and can’t imagine my life without one or two. As Lynn said, don’t give in to letting them outside. They would love it and could escape and get hurt or disappear.

  7. That photo of the entire group is marvelous. For some reason, it puts me in mind of the still lifes done by the Dutch masters. Still, all of the photos shine. I’ve thought many times over the past year how good it would have been to still have Dixie Rose during this pandemic; I’m glad your pair was there to provide some comfort and fun. I tried to pick a favorite photo, and can’t. Each one captures a different aspect of the pair — and of cats in general.

  8. That was a great idea to get some additional company (and entertainment😉) during lockdown. I never considered myself a cat type before but since our dog died last autumn I have met quite a few very friendly and cute cats, so who knows what the future may bring!

  9. Well, I take my hat off to whoever took that family portrait. How they managed to get all those kittens to be still and all look directly at the camera is beyond me.

    Cats are wonderful creatures and I wouldn’t be without at least one.

  10. Walter and Molly look like a couple of cuties….Having a pet (a puppy) during COVID has been wonderful for our daughter who has been living alone during COVID and has a stressful job as well. That cute puppy has brought fun and laughter …to her and the whole family.😁💕

  11. I LOVE cats. The phrase “co-napping” cracked me up. Felines are often solitary animals, so it’s cool that they get along and keep each other company. I find them to be most entertaining creatures, never a dull moment when a kitty is around. The Spathiphyllum looks good despite the extra attention it gets…

  12. Tabbies! In my experience, toms are more laid back, but one of my cats is the exception to that rule. Also, in my experience, cats can wriggle out of any harness/collar combination you can come up with AND once they get a taste of the great outdoors, they will want OUT, especially when you don’t want them to be.

  13. You are so fortunate to have those cozy cats! I’ve always had cat companions…until the we got the spaniels with the buggy eyes. They are prone to getting their eyes scratched. It only happened once with my Mother’s cat but it has made me keep a cat less house. Must say, your two made me want a kitty again.

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