The Japanese Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ is one of my favorite autumn flowers. The white petals with golden centers are just so luminous and elegant. I looked in the thesaurus but couldn’t find any better words than those.

‘Honorine Jobert’

I have ‘Honorine Jobert’ growing in a border where it emerges up out of an area dominated by ‘Purple Sensation’ Alliums in May and June. The foliage of ‘Honorine’ emerges late, and isn’t noticeable until summer. This makes it a good successor plant for spring bulbs with long-lasting foliage.

More ‘Honorine Jobert’ flowers. I like the almost-rounnd unopened buds as well as the flowers.

The stems are tall, about 4′, but very upright – no staking needed. The foliage is concentrated near the base of the plant.

Here’s a more vertical look, giving you a better sense of the overall habit.

‘Honorine Jobert’ foliage

And this picture gives you a better look at the foliage, which is dark green and deeply cut.

In this spot ‘Honorine Jobert’ has established as a slowly-expanding clump. It tolerates a fair amount of shade and gets by with very little supplemental water, even during a dry summer.

In more ideal locations, I’m told that Japanese Anemones generally can get pretty aggressive. I haven’t seen that yet in my own garden. However, that’s a problem I’ll deal with when and if it arises. In the meantime, I will enjoy ‘Honorine Jobert’s’ dazzling flowers as fall settles in.

24 Comments on “‘Honorine Jobert’, Queen of the October Flowers”

  1. I have had this beauty for years and she has never been a problem. I actually wish I had more of her. I have to split her clump myself to get it to grow in a different area. I guess that says as much about my soil and no watering system as anything.

  2. That is a very handsome plant. I like how erect it is, and as you say, elegant. I have a pink version in my garden that I also quite like. It is a bit more sprawling and would probably take over but it is bound by the house and the sidewalk so isn’t going anywhere. I like it so much I think I’ll get more and turn it loose in the back where I’m battling the neighbor’s ivy and trumpet vine and periwinkle.

  3. These are the prettiest Japanese anemonies that I have seen. I do admire the flowers but I find they like my garden even more and I find I cannot control them. It is not just that they increase the clums but they also self seed and I find them settling down in the most unexpected places. Amelia

  4. This is a new one for me; I’ve never seen it. White-flower-loving me would put it in a garden in a minute, were I to have a garden. Because of the white petals and yellow center, it reminds me a bit of our white prickly poppy, which happens to be one of my favorite natives.

  5. Beautiful, and even better when photographed against the dark green background. If it weren’t for the vigorous spreading tendencies I’d be planting it in my garden too. Maybe the trick is to find a spot that isn’t the ideal growing condition, and that way the spread is curtailed.

  6. Jason that is a beauty .. I have had it as well. Then I changed over to double petal ones, in pink, that are a wee bit shorter and suit my border a little better .. but yes ! anemone are such gorgeous Autumn flowers to wait for. However I am curious .. do you have toad lily ? .. I just did a post about mine, and they really project that last “zing” in the garden for me.
    I hope you are feeling well !

  7. Ah, this is a nice one. I believe that it is the most popular cultivar here because it performs well. There is only one Japanese anemone at work, and it is a sickly pink, although it is prettier this year than it was last year. Even though I am none too keen on it, I could not get rid of it; because I really do like Japanese anemone. Even if I eventually add a white anemone, the sickly pink one will stay. It does reasonably well.

  8. I love Honorine Jobert. My first Japanese anemones were rampart invaders, so I was hisitant to try her. I finally dug a deep hole, “planted” a bottomless black plastic pot to ground level and filled it with one Honorine Jobert. She did fine and didn’t travel. A wonderful plant.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Stay safe.

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