My recent life feels as if it can be divided into two periods, BC and AC (Before Chemo and After Chemo). Having been through the first round of six treatments, I have no desire to discuss chemotherapy. It’s enough to say that while many have experienced much worse than I, the modern improved version is still bad enough. For one thing, I have only the most minimal energy available for the garden.

Molly (l) has a bit of orange while Walter (r) is darker.

Fortunately, there have been other things to occupy my time. Chief among these has been our new kittens, Walter and Molly. They were brought to us last week by our good friend Joanna, who has been fostering numerous kittens for her local animal shelter.

Walter is intrigued by the internet. They both think that Judy and I make convenient climbing posts.

Walter and Molly have added a great deal of entertainment to our days, though Judy is still trying to convince them that her earrings are not cat toys, especially when she is wearing them.

Monarch on Cutleaf Coneflower (Rudbeckia lacniata)

While I don’t feel up to most gardening chores, I can still go out and take pictures of the Monarch Butterflies.

Though lord knows I’ve got enough pictures of Monarchs on Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia). I like this one more because of the Brown-Eyed Susan (R. triloba) in the fuzzy background.

Came across this picture of a Pearl Crescent (?) on Allium. It was taken back in July, but I’ve never used it, so I figured why not?

Aside from kittens and butterflies, Judy is constantly doing everything she can to keep me comfortable. Our son Daniel and his wife Beckee are over frequently, and our son David from Minnesota will be visiting soon. We get cards and gifts of food on a pretty regular basis (homemade quiche and marinara sauce the other day). So things are not so bad. If only it would rain.

65 Comments on “Kittens AND Butterflies”

  1. What beautiful monarch photos. I have had a total of zero monarchs in my garden. Not just this year, ever. Plenty of flowers, milkweed, etc. Loads of bees and skippers, a gray hairstreak now and again. Once in a blue moon, a swallowtail. I can’t figure it out. The valley is agricultural, no GMOs, organic for Amy’s Kitchen products, and pears for Harry and David.
    Oh, kittens! Two! They must be a lot of fun to watch. I have three cats, one abandoned that showed up in July. I thought I was a dog person (have only one), but cats seem to send out memos to show up and move in.

  2. Thank goodness for kittens and butterflies! They add zest and beauty to a time that sorely needs it. I have been thinking of you often. Wonderful to read that quiche and sauce are finding their way to your house. And the cherries on the sundae are visits from your children. Nothing ever tops that.

  3. I’m glad to find you here — been thinking about you just as the other folks who leave their notes here. I am not sure there’s such a thing as too many photos of butterflies and flowers, especially in these combinations. I agree about the one with the fuzzy Susans — that is a beauty! As to your energy, I feel bad for you; a gardener has a hard time accepting such a limitation. May there be rain soon, and may Walter and Molly not grow up too fast.

  4. I must have missed something, I didn’t know you were ill. Bleh. I am so sorry to hear it, and am sending healing thoughts. And doing a rain dance! I hear you~ the same has been happening here. Radar promises a big storm and all we get out if is grey skies.

    I agree, the Monarch with the black eyed susans in the background is a nice image, as is the pearl crescent. I don’t know that I’ve ever succeeded in getting a photo of one~ they are pretty flighty for me. Here’s to adorable kittens helping you get better!!

  5. Walter and Molly will provide you with plenty of entertainment when you are not feeling up to venturing out too much. You’ve had more monarchs this year than we have had here in Kentucky.
    You are like me, constantly reading the weather forecast. Hurricane Laura’s outer bands gave us some much needed rain on Saturday.
    Take care.

  6. What a great time to get a couple of kittens.. they’ll be a distraction every day of the week. If you have the energy to take photos of butterflies that is enough, I never tire of beautiful photos of butterflies..although it worries me that we don’t have as many in our garden. I hope you get rain soon, it makes it easy on the garden…we are getting above average rainfall ..but not before time. Take care and enjoy those family visits.

  7. I am in the Chicago area, and would be very happy to help in the garden. Do not hesitate. I work as a personal gardener for about 10 clients, but things are winding down at this point in the year, leaving me time to putter (at your direction) in your yard (pro bono, of course).

  8. It’s so good to hear the first round is over and wonderful that your family are rallying around. You do look well.
    KITTENS????? Yea! How wonderful and delightful, are Molly and Walter siblings? Loving the monarchs and the pearl crescent, lucky you. My weather app is exactly the same, endless promises of sunshine or rain that never materialize, here’s to some rain coming your way soon. Please keep us updated on the

  9. Great to hear from you and know you are doing as well as you can right now with better times to come. Your photos are lovely, and I enjoy your Monarch photos because we have seen only a couple this year. Take care of yourself, the weeds will wait, and I’ll be hoping for rain for both of us because brown is not my favorite color.

  10. Oh, kittens (and eventually cats) can bring so much joy during dark times…I’m glad they are lifting your spirits. As for the garden, now is the time to simply enjoy and forget the to-do list. I’m glad that you are being well taken care of and have many to rely upon…which now includes a couple of furry friends.
    Sending healing thoughts your way XO

  11. Aha! That Pearl Crescent (?) is what I saw last week on my Tithonia. I knew it wasn’t a Monarch, but couldn’t identify it. Thanks for all the great pictures. Hang in there. Let the kittens distract you. Know that many people are with you in your struggle.

  12. Good to have the first bout of chemo in the rear view mirror. The kitties are endless daily entertainment, they look so cuddly and lovable, and probably get into everything. You have amazing butterfly photos (one can never have enough), good for a 2021 calendar.

  13. How can you go wrong with a post about kitties and butterflies??? Molly and Walter are just too cute! I love the pic of you and Walter. Two furry fellows, lol. These two will provide a wealth of fun and entertainment on days you’re feeling low. Keep your chin up, we’re all pulling for you!

  14. Hello Jason .. I say if you find a scenario that gives you such satisfaction .. as Monarchs on “anything” , take as many pictures as your heart desires !
    I’m sorry about the drought .. that does make things difficult for gardeners and all the creatures that have to suffer through it.
    Kittens … how can you not be diverted by such sweet little innocent playful hearts wrapped in fur .. I think they are doing you the world of good .. and Judy will hold on to her earrings for dear life ? LOL
    I wish you the best in feeling a little better every day .. rest as much as possible .. let the medication do it’s work … it will all work out !

  15. Gosh, Jason! I’m just catching up on blog reading. I’m so sorry you are sick and having to go through gruelling treatment. Sending lots of positive vibes and good wishes your way. I’m glad you have your family, new kittens and butterflies to keep you cheerful. X

  16. I can really understand that desire for rain… We had practically nothing in all July, but August gave us a few downpours which came just in time to save a lot of plants from dying of thirst. So I hope some comes your way soon Jason! Good to hear you are being well looked after and have had plenty of visits – AND you have two new and very cute companions! Lovely photos. My Tithonia are finally growing a little but not a patch on previous years. All the best Jason!

  17. I’m glad to hear you’re past your first round of treatment, and are being distracted by kitties — there’s very little that kittens can’t help. I love the photo of the Monarch on the Mexican sunflower. Monarchs are very nice, but that sunflower’s become one of my favorites. I hope you get some rain soon. We’ve been dry, too — not a single drop even from Hurricane Laura — but things seem more promising for the near future.

    I’ve been out of the loop this week since both my PC and my external hard drive apparently entered into some sort of suicide pact on Sunday evening. Things are back in order now, thanks to the world’s best computer gurus, and I’m going to figure out some sort of backup for my backup. The thought of lost photo files left me hyperventilating.

    Give Judy my best, and tickle the kitties for me!

  18. The kittens are pure 100% adorable! 🙂 And the butterflies are lovely. As for the chemo-induced gardening hiatus, I can sympathize 100% because I was in the same scenario for a year, about a decade ago. Pretty much the most I could do was stare out the window in furious frustration while watching the weeds grow unchecked; however, both I and the garden ultimately survived, which is the most important thing. 🙂 Best of luck and good thoughts to you!

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