‘Conca d’Or’ is a magnificent Lily. It is one of a class of hybrids known as “Orienpets”, created by crossing Trumpet and Oriental Lilies.


Right at the moment it is the most dramatic flower in the Front Garden. It grows on strong, upright stems up to 8 feet tall. A clump of 5 emerges from the Bee Balm (Monarda didyma) to anchor the whole Sidewalk Border at this time of year.


The flowers are enormous. Ranging in color from lemon-yellow to cream, they make me think of lemon meringue pie.


They have a sweet fragrance which seems particularly noticeable in late afternoon and early evening.


There’s a single specimen growing at the far end of the Driveway Border, where passersby can be sure to get a good sniff.

I am thankful that our garden has not yet been discovered by the dreaded Red Lily Beetle. For this reason I am able to fight off the temptation to expand the number and varieties of Lily that we grow. However, I certainly intend to maintain the number lilies that we currently have. There are few flowering plants able to impart such a sense of luxury and joyful extravagance.

44 Comments on “Lily ‘Conca d’Or’”

  1. I agree that these tall elegant lilies are an extravagance which we should all treat ourselves to. This one is a beauty. A great idea to have the monarda around it to help keep it upright in winds.

  2. Fabulous. Mine just opened yesterday and they’re awesome here as well, just a lot shorter than yours, probably due to the crappy soil.
    The lily beetles are what keep me from adding a bunch more here as well. I saw the first ones this spring and quickly killed them, but where there are three there are three thousand I think.

  3. They are wonderful Jason, alone for their height! They certainly make a great statement in your front garden. I only tried growing lilies once and the beetles came and it was horrible, so I really do hope they will not find you garden and these stunners. Enjoy!

  4. Jason that is a gorgeous combination .. I can almost smell them myself.
    You are SO lucky to to have to contend with the beetle .. I just killed some this morning and my lilies are being ravaged by them still .. I don’t know what I am going to do .. dig lilies up I supposed even though I love them Casa Blanca especially .. but battling this beetle is just too much.
    Enjoy yours ! .. they do remind me of lemon pie too ! LOL

  5. I have always loved the true lilies but don’t dare have any in this garden, because of *&$#@! rabbits )(*&*&^% …. I’d have to cage them from top to bottom with protective mesh, which would rather detract from any display. 😦 I did indulge myself at my previous garden which had no rabbit problem at all, thanks to a nearby resident fox.

  6. I completely agree, your lilies impart a sense of luxury and joyful extravagance….Lilies are really special, they stand out from the crowd. Even in the days when I was too busy to garden properly, the faithful and beautiful lilies in the garden always arrived, flowering and smiling.

  7. Hello Jason, I’m really jealous, I would love to have groups of lilies all over the garden, but we had a whole load of lily beetle as soon as we planted the first patio pots with them and haven’t dared add more bulbs since. We’re able to keep on top of them as long as we just have the small numbers of lilies we do. I hope they don’t notice your lilies. I wonder if your climate conditions mean fewer survive overwintering?

  8. Wow, love the lily!!! Such a beauty, I can just imagine the scent. Lovely combination too. I have the lily beetle so I grow most of mine in pots now and constantly move them. I came across a real beauty growing by the raised veggie beds recently, it was a lovely surprise as I’d forgotten where I’d put it!xxx

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