Allium christophii, also known as Star of Persia, is another eye-catching Allium. I have a few on the east side of the Crabapple Bed, growing up out of a border of Daylilies.


What’s striking about this Allium is, first, the size of the flower head, usually about 10″. To me it has a silvery sheen, but Anna Pavord calls it “grayish mauve”.


The shape reminds me of the geodesic dome from the 1967 World’s Fair of my childhood memories.


The stems are upright, so that the flowers do not flop. They are not known for naturalizing. In fact I wonder how long they will last in their present home, where the foliage is mostly hidden and does not have much opportunity to absorb energy from the sun.




They may not be one of the most beautiful Alliums, but they are one of the most interesting. I’ll enjoy them as long as they last.

54 Comments on “Another Allium: Star of Persia”

  1. This allium is a nice surprise nestled among the daylily leaves. Their size is part of the delight, I think, and the subtle color, too. For me they were short lived, only three years. You have a great selection of alliums!
    I created a very temporary garden sculpture from the dried seed heads one year. Spray painted a dozen in chartreuse, purple, and orange. Glued them to 4′ very slender dowel rods and “planted” them in a breezy spot to wave in the wind. They got beat up fast, but were fun to watch. Thanks for prompting the memory!

  2. I was surprised to read your mention of the 1967 World’s Fair. At first I thought it was a typo, since I had no idea there was such a fair that year. My high school band traveled to New York to play at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York — quite a trip for some Iowa youngsters. Now that I’ve looked at the various spheres that were featured at the various fairs, I agree: your allium’s a perfect representation of them.

  3. That’s one that’s on my list to get at some point, just because it is so cool looking! I like the more unusual alliums, though they don’t seem to last as long in my garden either – there are several varieties I’ve grown that have gone missing.

  4. Hello Jason, this is my favourite Allium and we have these in one of the borders. They have unfortunately reduced over the years but at least the bulbs are very cheap to replace. They also self-seed very, very easily, but it takes several years for the seedling to form a flowering-sized bulb.

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