We put up our new trellises the other day, and I’m pretty happy with them. These were the 9′ Panacea Giant Wall Trellises I wrote about earlier. They’re certainly a big improvement.


Judy and I installed them so that the bottom is a couple feet above the ground, and so the trellises still reach all the way to the top of the wall. I may hang a little netting at the bottom to help the vines reach the trellises.


Anyway, here’s the old trellis. Looks pretty trashy by comparison, if you ask me.


The trellises have brackets on the back which hang onto nails or screws you fix to the wall. Since this was a brick wall we had to use a masonry drill bit and masonry screws. We positioned the second trellis so that it partially rests on the front door landing.

Here’s an important tip from the pros: on your power drill, just above the trigger, there is a little horizontal switch which can be set to F (for Forward) or R (for Reverse). It is MUCH easier drilling into a wall if the little switch is set to F. Please don’t ask how long it took us to figure this out.


In other news, there are a few more Crocuses in bloom. Here they were open wide to enjoy one of the few sunny days we’ve had lately. Pretty sure this is Crocus tommasinianus.


And these, I think, are C. chrysanthus ‘Blue Pearl’.


This one should be ‘Goldilocks’.


Also the Hellebores (Helleborus orientalis) have begun to bloom, though the plants have just started to fill out.


Today it was cold and rainy again, so I pinched off a baker’s dozen blooms and set them in a bowl of water. I’ve always wanted to do that. Please disregard my foot at the lower right corner.

Spring may be progressing slowly, but it is progressing. And I’m feeling quite accomplished that we got the new trellises up. Now to count the days until the Clematis vines wake up and cover the wall with blooms.

43 Comments on “New Trellis Installed!”

  1. The Hellebores look lovely in the bowl..
    Paul and I were pleased that you and Judy took a while to fingered out the “F” on the power drill… sounds like something that might happen in this household.
    I’m going to be cutting Paul’s hair from on …what could possibly go wrong!

  2. The battery died on my old drill and I went online to order a new one. Turns out I could buy a new drill for the same price. Then I wondered how many times I would actually need one in my future since I am now likely to hire someone to do something for me. As for that little switch, seems like I made that mistake every time I used the drill.
    If you lived closer, I would give you one of my extra trellises. Still have one with no place to go, so I am thinking of buying another wisteria. But….

  3. The floating hellebores are gorgeous. That color is so rich — I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it outside of nature. As for the drill, I not only laughed, I snorted when I read that, but mostly because I’ve done it myself, and still have to remind myself to hit that switch from time to time.

  4. Thanks for leaving us all laughing at your adventures with the drill! The trellises look great. Can hardly wait to see them covered with clematis blooms. Enjoy your various crocuses, mine are all finished but the large one called ‘pickwick’, which is always the latest to bloom. Floating the hellebores is a lovely idea, thanks.

  5. Your Jackmanii is gorgeous. It certainly deserves a grand trellis. Here Clematis will grow but don’t get so huge–just not enough rain for them. I need to do some trellis shopping myself as the scraps of wire fencing cobbled together are pretty shabby.

    Know all about that F/R switch, and confess I’ve tried drilling a zillion times with it in reverse, all the while wondering why the drill wasn’t making any progress.

  6. I had a laugh with the forward and reverse drill directions that took you a while to figure out, Jason. I’m a bit of a veteran at drilling holes into walls from the sheer number of vine-eyes we have skewered into the house. I’m looking forward to seeing the trellis disappear under a cascade of purple flowers.

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