So another garden we saw at the Denver Fling was that of Mary and Larry Scripter. Actually it was in Niwot, a few miles from Boulder.


While the garden is marvelous, it’s the view of distant mountains that is the most striking feature of this property.


Closer to the house there are all kinds of xeric grasses and flowering plants, like these Yucca. This is a Yucca, right? I can never keep my succulents straight.


Pea gravel, a lot of it, was used both for hardscaping and for mulching between perennials.


Though the garden was mostly in full sun, there were some nice shady spots. I like this bird bath.


A lovely clump of Golden Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha) at the base of a tree.


Hay fields swaying in the breeze in the shadow of distant mountains.


Here’s a view of the garden and the wonderful back porch.


The view from the porch. I would love to sit on that bench at dusk.


Some of the plants that you could see blooming at the time of our visit: Iris, Sanguisorba, Achillea, and Poppies.


Oh, and Alliums.


Just could not get enough of that view.

One thing we are really missing around Chicago is mountains. It seems to me that if they can transport water to places like Arizona to fuel massive population growth, they ought to be able to shift some mountains over to the Midwest for our viewing pleasure. Seems only fair.


48 Comments on “Holy Moly, Talk About Your Borrowed Views”

  1. I’d live in a hovel to have a view like that. Well, as long as I had internet. I’d be willing to cut wood and haul water. That is yucca that you spotted. The flowers are edible. They’re probably a bit of an acquired taste, as they can be a little astringent, but a few in a salad can be very nice.

    • Juvenile floral stalks are edible too, but deprive the plant of bloom. We used to eat them like humongous asparagus in college. The species where I went to school produced the biggest flower stalk. We sliced i up like patties and peeled the outside off. It was not very good, but the price was right.

  2. I was in Denver – well, Louisville to be more precise – on business one time. The front of the hotel faced east, which looked pretty flat. But the view to the north was like a picture postcard. However, I am a flatlander and I like trees, so the Denver climate did not appeal to me despite the beauty. Oh, and there was a dust storm while I was there. No thanks!

  3. The garden is beautiful, but the view of the mountains in the background is breathtaking. You could never tire of just staring out at them. I’m very envious as we are in an area of forested rolling hills, which means your view of just about anything is blocked by trees or the roll of the next hill!

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