So let’s go back to the Denver Garden Bloggers Fling last June. We spent some time in Boulder, where we visited a remarkable garden that at the time belonged to Tatiana Maxwell. It was actually listed for sale, so I imagine that now there is a new owner.


There was so much going on in this garden that it’s hard to summarize. There were spacious lawns designed with entertaining and fundraising in mind (Ms. Maxwell is an activist dedicated to a number of causes).


Moving closer to the house, there were nooks for contemplative moments. I love the patch of California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica) near this bench.


Boldly colored Geums in red and orange were also plentiful.


Love these Alliums growing out of a matrix of Starry Solomon’s Plume (Maianthemum stellatum).


The feature that most stuck in my mind was the massive stone structure that included a waterfall, pond, and covered paths. You can see part of the wall here with a very happy Blue Wild Indigo (Baptisia australis) to the left.


Here’s a path leading to a sort of grotto. Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) to the left, red roses to the right.


A glimpse of the waterfall.


Another perspective on the waterfall with pond. And look, these benches also have a view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.


The path behind the waterfall has an air of mystery.


The waterfall from the other side of the path.


A patio and grape arbor alongside the house looks like a fine place for morning coffee.


There were extensive vegetable gardens, with high fencing to deter deer.


Also graced with blooming annuals and perennials to draw pollinators.


I so admired the spacious greenhouse with its fruitful fig trees.


The blue Delphinium looks very good against the blond stone.


And I almost forgot the house! Here it is.


I think this is the front door. Note the green roof.


And the friendly cat.

I imagine by now this house and garden has new owners. I surely hope they realize how blessed they are to live with so much remarkable beauty.

36 Comments on “A Boulder Garden”

  1. So, I’m curious. Whenever I see such a beautiful showcase garden, I wonder what it takes to maintain it. Do owners ever do it on their own? Do gardening crews come in periodically to whip things into shape? Or is there a hired gardener (or more) designing and working intensely? And, do you find these things out when you are touring the gardens?

    • The owner wasn’t there when we toured. But I am 100% sure she had regular help with her garden. The owner is a successful realtor and is probably busy earning the money that enables her to afford this place. Perhaps she did some of the gardening herself, maybe in the vegetable garden.

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