The garden’s butterfly population seems to be reaching its peak, especially with the migrating monarchs. I can’t leave or return home without wanting to grab the camera, or at the very least lose myself in watching these magical creatures. A couple of these photos have already been posted on Instagram so I’m sorry if this is repetitious for some of you.

file-29 (7)

We saw hardly any Eastern Tiger Swallowtails until after the middle of August, but they’ve been much more noticeable lately,

file-30 (5)

The Black Swallowtails have been around all summer, but this is the best picture I’ve gotten of one all year. They tend to be kind of hyperactive.


Lately there have been a half dozen or so Monarchs most mornings when we head out to work. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but the Zinnias and Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia rotundifolia) have been magnets for all kinds of butterflies. Bee Balm (Monarda didyma) and the Milkweeds have also been pretty popular.


I like this Monarch in motion picture even though it is fuzzy. Looks like a vampire come to suck the bumblebee’s blood.


Painted Ladies have been plentiful this year.


Same butterfly, different light and angle.

The presence of butterflies certainly lift the spirits, even if they do tend to make me late for work.

48 Comments on “More Butterflies in the Garden”

  1. It’s so exciting when we see butterflies fluttering about – they are absolutely loving the zinnias in my garden as well. The monarchs, especially, are plentiful this year. And LOVE the action shot with the monarch coming in for a landing – it obviously doesn’t care that it’s already occupied!

  2. I love the pictures! They are so pretty! It’s nice to walk right outside your door and see beautiful butterflies. And I think it is ok to be late for work lol. In my area, I don’t usual see butterflies. I see deers, raccoons, hawks and of the like. Do you see other wildlife in your area?

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