More Early Bulbs

Spring continues to make slow, if unsteady, progress (we got 3 inches of snow on Sunday, but it was gone by the following day). We have mostly shifted from the first to the second wave of flowering spring bulbs.


‘Early Harvest’ (Tulipa kaufmanniana) started blooming with the Crocuses and it still makes a good showing, so the investment in rabbit repellent was worth it.


More recently this little clump of unknown Tulips started blooming. Really unsure about the variety, but I’m impressed that it’s so early.


Tulipa turkenstanica is blooming freely, opening wide for the sun and then quickly closing shop in cloudy weather. Watching this adaptation makes me think that the spring winds of Central Asia, where this species originated, must be frigid indeed.


This is one of the Species Tulips that will happily naturalize in our garden.


Years ago I planted a Daffodil mix at the base of the Silver Maple in the back garden. Only one species remains. Wish I could figure out its name.


It’s a relief that our Sunday snow didn’t ruin the Daffodil season. Only a few stems were weighed down by the wet, heavy stuff.


Pretty sure this is ‘Ceylon’. Only a few Daffodils have bloomed so far, mostly in the Back Garden. Though it’s shadier back there, it faces south and so the soil warms up earlier in spring.


There’s also a nice patch of Squill (Scilla sibirica) blooming in the Back Garden. I love these blue flowers, though some consider this bulb to be invasive. It hasn’t been all that aggressive for me, but there is a huge drift of it along Lake Shore Drive, so I don’t know.


Glory-of-the-Snow (Chionodoxa sardensis) is another early bulb with blue flowers. I planted it last fall for the first time. For first year blooms I think it shows nicely in the Sidewalk Border.


Here’s a close-up of the flowers, though the light is a little washed out. With luck it will naturalize and make a solid patch.


I like how it emerges with its blue buds lined up on one side of the flower stalk.


I’ve noticed an unusually large number of early butterflies this April: Red Admirals, American Ladies, possibly Question Marks. This American Lady seemed to favor the GotS for nectaring.

What’s your favorite bulb flowering in your garden these days?

34 Comments on “More Early Bulbs”

  1. The Glory of the snow is the sweetest blue flower of the spring to me. I guess because it is so early. Now for the Virginia Blue Bells to open. I am glad to hear the snow didn’t bury all your daffs. I might try the rabbit repellent since you had luck with it. They ate some of the tulips in my front garden. I will remember this for next year. Did you use a granular or spray for your tulips?

  2. Glad to see your garden taking off for the year, and the tulips are just the ticket for a dose of spring color! We might be a week or so further along. The hyacinths are very nice this year but they’re almost all leaning from the winds we’ve been having.

  3. You have a lovely assortment of bulbs flowering. Right now I only have one, Princess Irene tulips. I wish I could figure out which Daffodils like to naturalize. I bought some many years ago when we lived in Massachusetts from a mix, and most of them naturalized well, but the ones I’ve planted so far in this garden, not so much.

  4. I am not a tulip fan, but those Tulipa turkenstanica are just adorable, and may change my mind!
    Bulbs? The crocus and daffodils finished already, the grape hyacinths are mostly forming seeds. There are three fading volunteer tulips (I am not sure how that happens). Anemone blanda isn’t really a bulb, but it’s still flowering, as well as forming weird seed pods. I think my bulbs are done, but for the pesky, yet beautiful, star of Bethlehem. I just can’t get rid of if it.
    NO! I forgot I found the sparaxis flowering this morning! Orange and pink ones.

  5. Lovely! My favourite right now would be anything that’s blooming – which is nothing yet as our spring has been very slow in coming this year. But the crocuses are close and I do see some daffodil foliage so it won’t be too much longer.

  6. Hello Jason, your tulips and daffodils look beautiful. We are well past the spring bulbs season, especially with temperatures this Easter Weekend being 25+ degC. We do have the hoop petticoat daffodil (narcissus bulbocodium conspicuous) flowering as they flower late for daffodils so we are enjoying them, alongside some of the earlier flowering roses.

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