Tell the Truth Tuesday

Our friend Alison at Bonney Lassie came up with the brilliant idea of a blog meme which involves showing the unflattering aspects of our gardens. This is a healthy antidote to the steady diet of stories about perfect gardens, all gorgeously photographed, which I and many others greedily consume.

file-18 (3)

It’s not a challenge for me to come up with ugly vignettes in the garden at this time of year. For example, take the above corner (please) where our house meets the attached garage.

As a first step for spring cleanup, I must pull all the stakes and cages out of the ground and stack them somewhere.ย I could make room for them in the garage, but that would take some shifting around and I get too lazy after a few hours in the garden. And so I just stack them in this corner, where they are visible to all passersby.

Another example of laziness is the hose, which usually lies messily uncoiled in this very same corner. I have a thing (forget what it’s called) for rolling up the hose but this seems like another end-of-the-day chore that just isn’t worth it. And then there is the busted pot that I’ve been meaning to take to the alley since around last October.

Judy cannot understand my inconsistency on the issue of garden neatness. For example, I scrupulously edge all the beds and borders nearly every week, but then I usually throw weeds right onto the lawn and leave them there to decay. I argue for a dynamic view of the weeds lying on the lawn (seeing them as the decomposed organic matter they will become) rather than a static view (seeing them as dead weeds on the lawn).

Honestly, though, I think it boils down to garden chores that are satisfying (which tend to get done, more or less) and those that are unsatisfying (which tend to remain undone). And besides, if I tidied up everything promptly and consistently, I wouldn’t have time for all the new garden projects I want to try.


32 Comments on “Tell the Truth Tuesday”

  1. Tell the Truth Tuesday. Love it! Yesterday, it wouldn’t be hard to find ugly garden scenes in my yard.However, today it is snowing, and all the ugly patches have been covered. Not for long I hope, as the garden must be ugly before it can beautiful. H-m-m-m. Surely there is a lesson in that.

  2. Hello Jason, I have piles of rubbish towards the back of the garden that I seem to end up moving about the garden, they’ll pile up separately, I’ll put them together, move it somewhere, split it up again. I think the rubbish in the garden gets moved about five-or-so times before it finally makes an exit. I have no idea why I do it. I think it’s an external manifestation of my continuous internal battle between my OCD and laziness.

  3. Thanks for joining in! I have many areas like this that I’ve shown in past posts. I’m sure all gardeners have them. I used to leave piles of debris around until I decided to start always carrying flexible plastic trugs with me when I weed, now they all go right into the trug as soon as they’re pulled, and from there get dumped into the yard waste bin. After you leave the weeds, do you then mow them when you mow the lawn?

  4. This meme is good. I keep meaning to join in, but I’m having a hard time finding the time this year. My garden looks horrid because the utility workers are putting in fiber optic cable this year, so the garden (the whole neighborhood!) is all marked up with paint and colored flags. Ugh.

  5. I just laughed at your “untidy” corner – I would consider that pretty much organized compared to some aspects of my garden! I agree, though – enjoyable tasks always see to trump those that are perhaps higher on the priority, but not as satisfying.

  6. I recently got rid of part of my eyesore: a section of chainlink fence brilliantly outlined against my neighbor’s stark white vinyl fence. It had previously been hidden by a dying conifer and an overgrown weigela that had to be hacked back to only 2 ft high. Me trying to cut the chainlink away didn’t work but I finally got one of the masonry crew to do it a couple of weeks ago so the links are gone but the rusted, bent top pole is still there looking tacky. Unfortunately it’s also about 10 ft long and the hidden rest of the chainlink fence is attached to it. Lacking a Sawz-all, I have no idea how to get rid of that part!

  7. That is actually an excellent idea for a meme. Wow, it is so original, and the last thing one expects from a meme.
    I must decline though. I just can not take on another meme. Besides, showing the unflattering parts of the landscapes at work would be WAY too involved.

  8. I used to do an annual “Garden Failures of the Year” where I honestly showed dead plants, shriveled and sad from lack of thriving. Being open about failures and other issues (for me it’s uncompleted projects that fester in half-finished states for far too long) is a healthy thing to admit.

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