A Single Amaryllis

That’s all we’ve got so far in terms of indoor winter blooms. And I can’t even tell you what variety it is, because I lost the tag.

file2 (1)

I do think it’s a pretty nice one, though. I bought for Judy’s Christmas stocking, though it was actually too large to fit. The flower color is a nice creamy white, with a hint of pink near the tips.

file-27 (8)

I also appreciate that the stem is sturdy and upright, even though we let the bulb lean rather far to one side.

We did attempt to force some Crocus bulbs, but that was a flop. They weren’t given enough time to chill, and so most of the bulbs yielded only leaves, the blooms that did emerge looked rather sickly. The odd thing is that I brought the Crocus bulbs inside because they started to come out of dormancy. You’d think they wouldn’t do that if they hadn’t been chilled sufficiently.

On the other hand, I still have a small sack of double Daffodils sitting in our unheated garage. They were sent to me as part of some kind of promotion. The Daffodils have been chilling since before Thanksgiving. Maybe next weekend I’ll bring some in and try to force them.

And we could always bring in some Forsythia branches. So our indoor winter blooms may end up not being so meager.

What about you – have you been happy with your indoor blooms this winter?

50 Comments on “A Single Amaryllis”

  1. I like white flowers, so of course I like this. I always got my mother amaryllis for Christmas, and she was the best darned amaryllis propagator around. We could leave them outdoors in pots, of course, and they just kept making more bulbs every year. I’d buy more pots, and eventually she had quite a mass of them. Me? Christmas cactus is it for indoor plants. I root pruned and repotted mine last summer, then pinched it back, and got a month’s worth of heavy bloom just after Christmas.

  2. If I were home to take the photos, there would not be table clutter and kitchen pots in the background. But I am very glad for these photos, because I was sad to leave the amaryllis (and Jason) today (even though I’m back in California where it’s warmer). I’ll be back home on Wednesday, hopefully they will still be blooming.

  3. My indoor blooms have been dismal this year. I do have a few Orchids getting ready to bloom. I can’t wait to see those cheerful little faces. The Lemon tree throws out a few blooms at a time. If I watered it more regularly it probably would do better. I do like your amaryllis. It looks the way the ones I force. I don’t have enough light to keep them growing upright.

  4. No indoor blooms for me. I have two house cats, and one of them is smart enough to get easily bored, and therefore extremely naughty.
    For some reason he leaves Christmas trees along though.
    My outdoor blooms are starting, so I’m not completely without color. I’ve never forced forsythia. But, then again, an entire branch in the house wouldn’t last long with Benny.

  5. Just nice fuzzy green foliage, on a pair of peppermint-scented geraniums (Pelargonium tomentosum). The sleet that iced everything this morning is all melted, but it’s a dark grey day, so brilliant green is as much of a lift as blooms.

    That’s a good-looking amaryllis. The white and pastel ones are more “winter-is-almost-over-hang-in-there” to me than the brilliant reds, which have a leftover-from-the-holidays vibe.

  6. That’s a pretty Amaryllis, for sure. Nothing blooming here. All my houseplants are just hanging on in the sunroom. The Meyer Lemon seems to be putting on some new growth, but everything else is just coasting at the same level. No signs of emerging Hyacinths in the pots yet. Good idea to bring in some Forsythia branches!

  7. Sorry your crocus croaked but Judy’s amaryllis is looking gorgeous. I’ve been happy enough with indoor blooms this year but want to see some outside blooms again if this damned snow ever melts.

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