We Are Not Yet Frozen

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern for our well-being during Chicago’s recent spell of severe weather. We are fine. In fact, Judy had to spend this past week in Los Angeles for her job. She’ll be getting home late tonight.

file-27 (7)

As for me, I was in Springfield, about a 3 hour drive south of Chicago, from last Friday until yesterday. Springfield was cold, about -10 (F), but not quite as cold as Chicago’s -22.

When I got home, I found the accumulated result of several snow storms. The sidewalk and driveway needed clearing, and the driveway was blockaded by a pile of snow and ice up to 4 feet tall in places.


file1-11 (10)

Today I got started on digging us out from under. My first priority was to break through the blockade between our driveway and the street. The temperature was 10 degrees, which felt almost balmy.

file-25 (11)

This weekend the temperature is supposed to rise above freezing, and we might even get some rain. The traffic and city plows have already churned and shoved the snow off the streets.

A cheerful thought is that the majority of winter is behind us. We have started February, which has only 28 days, and after February comes March, which at least in theory could be the beginning of spring. So things are looking up, or they will be once I’ve shoveled all this )@#*&% snow.

51 Comments on “We Are Not Yet Frozen”

  1. Glad for the report, and especially glad to see that cleared street — and the forecast. It’s been terrible for so many people. It’s good that you and Judy weren’t in the worst of it. On the other hand, I think I read that it was raining (!) in L.A.!

    • It absolutely poured in LA for hours yesterday. I heard on the radio that there were some road closures due to mud slides. But not where I was! Most of the Chicago Area is very good at clearing snow in the streets, it’s rarely a big problem once the snow stops. Except when there’s over a foot of snow, or freezing rain sculpts frozen slush into place, or some other charming occurrence.

      • I’m glad you avoided the mud slides. I’ve got a couple of friends who live in the area, and they were delighted with the rain, being avid gardeners themselves. As for shoveling: how well I remember our conviction, during my years in snow country, that the plows waited at the end of our street until we had the driveway cleared, and then came by to block us in again. Good times!

  2. You will need a pick ax to move that huge mound of frozen snow and ice. Wow, hopefully the warmer weather will help you. Lucky Judy being in CA despite the rain. Glad you both weren’t in Chicago for the horrible lows. Your garden looks all tucked in nice with blankets of snow.

  3. I’m glad you are well and staying warm! We are on a curve, and always have that huge blockade between our driveway and street as well which the snowblower can’t get through. I try to think of shoveling as good exercise, but it definitely not fun, especially when temps are so low!

  4. Oh, the end of the driveway snowplow dumps are the worst! We also got some snow but not as much as you, it seems. It was extremely cold last week – around the same as you (-30C) – school buses were cancelled 3 times! But all in all, it’s been a rather quiet winter around here.

  5. Hello Jason, I’m glad that you’re safe and well enough to be swearing blind at the shovelling. We recently had a snowfall in the UK that covered the garden in a few inches (and so brought the country to a standstill). We didn’t bother digging as it went after a couple of days and now there’s no trace. February is our coldest month so de-frosting the car is the worst I’ll have to put up with.

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