Perusing the 2019 Plant Catalogs: Brent and Becky’s

Now is the time of year for mooning over garden catalogs, dreaming of glorious blooms as the garden lies in frozen slumber. Fortunately, there are lots of catalogs to moon over. I have a stack by my side of the bed about 18 inches high, when they’re not scattered all over the floor. I should really keep them in some kind of file folder.

Caladium ‘Candidum Senior’. Photo from

Brent and Becky’s is a family-run grower of bulbs and bulb-like plants in Virginia. They have a pretty good reputation – in fact, I heard of them first in glowing terms from one of the instructors at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

file-25 (10)

In January they send out their summer-flowering bulb catalogs, which makes for some very pleasant browsing. A lot of their summer catalog consists of tropicals, which generally don’t excite me.

However, I do like to grow Caladiums in containers in the shady back garden. This catalog has 2 pages full of Caladium varieties – 5 bulbs for $14. Considering how expensive Caladiums are at garden centers, this is an enticing prospect.

So now I’m fantasizing about starting Caladium bulbs indoors. I’ve heard conflicting things about whether they need bottom heat. The varieties I like best are ‘Candidum Senior’ and ‘Celebration’.

The other part of this catalog that had me drooling was the section on Lilies. They have a VERY NICE selection – 55 varieties by my count: Orientals, Asiatics, Longiflorum, Species, and enough crosses of the preceding to suggest the family tree of a venerable dynasty.

‘Oriana’. Photo from

Of course, I have no place to put more Lilies, but even so I am sorely tempted by the Oriental-Trumpet hybrid ‘Orania’ and the Species L. regale: “graceful, large, fragrant white trumpets blushed purple” on stems up to 6 feet tall. Maybe I could put them in the overgrown herb garden, among the Fennel plants (Foeniculum vulgare)?

Anyhow, there’s lots more in the Brent and Becky’s catalog, it’s definitely worth a look. Or just check out their website at

More catalogs to come.

25 Comments on “Perusing the 2019 Plant Catalogs: Brent and Becky’s”

  1. It’s a sign that spring isn’t far off when the catalogues start arriving. Just pulled out my own copy of Brent and Becky’s catalog to find your favorites. There are a lot of temptations in those pages.

  2. I’m a big fan of both Caladiums and Lilies. And yes – $14 for 5 is a very tempting proposition. I had told myself to be good this year, and not buy anything until I no longer have any homeless nursery pots adorning my yard, but I just might have to check out their irresistible catalog. So much for successfully averting my eyes. huh?

  3. I love Brent & Beckys and have been ordering from them since the late 1970s. I have not received their new catalog yet… hmmm….. perhaps in tomorrow’s mail? Their bulbs are always top-notch. They are my go-to for everything except lilies (B&D Lilies is my fave catalog for that.)

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