On The Shores of Lake Superior

Our cabin is just a few yards from the Lake Superior shoreline.


Here’s the view from our porch. We are in a genuinely isolated spot, reachable only through several miles of dirt roads. No neighbors are visible. The air is bracing and scented with pine, balsam, and hemlock.


The lake here is bordered by a narrow strip of sandy beach. This is lucky, as beaches here tend to be more rocky than sandy. This is the view looking east. Judy and I are not nearly hardy enough to swim or even wade in the water (too cold!), but the sand is soft and warm, nice for walking.


This is our cabin, seen from the beach.


And here’s the view looking west, towards the Porcupine Mountains. They’re not really mountains since they top out at about 1,500 feet. But in this part of the country that’s as close as we get to mountainous.


The beach is littered with massive amounts of driftwood. Trees fall into the numerous rivers that drain into the lake, then end up on the shores. Sometimes they end up with odd or intriguing shapes. I have dubbed this one the Sea Anteater.

Today Judy and I went on a hike in the Porcupines (or the Porkies, as they call it here) that left us stiff and sore. We may just take chairs down to the beach tomorrow and read for most of the day.

That’s all for now.

35 Comments on “On The Shores of Lake Superior”

  1. This place sounds wonderful to me, make sure you read all day on the beach! We have just returned early from a trip to Europe, as I was knocked over by cyclist (in Vienna) and have a broken wrist…SO I’m done with crowds for a while, and your lovely quiet secluded spot looks just right….enjoy!

  2. Looks like a beautiful and restful place! I’ve never been to Lake Superior but have seen Lake Michigan several times when we used to live in WI. Interestingly, we visited several beaches there and in some the water was unbearably cold and others were warm enough that we spent a couple of hours just sitting in the water!
    Love the sea anteater!! πŸ˜€

  3. That looks absolutely idyllic! We went to a waterfall that cascaded down the side of a mountain on our holiday and even though the water was FRIGID we couldn’t resist dipping our feet in – we were quite hot from our hike so it was actually refreshing, although 20 seconds are so was about the most we could do.

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