Thanks for the Amaryllis!

Most years I pot up a few Amaryllis bulbs to bloom indoors over winter. This year, however, I just never got around to doing so. Happily, our friend Rose (of Prairie Rose’s Garden blog) sent us a gift that made up for my neglect.


In fact, this gift Amaryllis has an excellent sense of timing, as we can enjoy its blooms even as we are getting clobbered by several days of snow. I can come back inside from shoveling the snow for the fifth time this weekend (OK, only the second time, but it feels like the fifth) and look at the red and white flowers. They remind me of candy canes and of all the colorful blooms that will surely come with the spring. I gaze at them and my heart lightens.

54 Comments on “Thanks for the Amaryllis!”

  1. What a wonderful colour, especially with the white background! I’m a little bit jealous now! I’m really bad with cultivating Amaryllis, so I already gave up on that.
    Already heard and saw pictures from Chicago with snow. My older son who lives in Chicago at the moment, sent me some pics of his shovel work.

  2. It’s even prettier than its picture in the catalog! The inexpensive one I bought for myself this year bloomed, but wasn’t nearly as pretty. And you’re welcome–Beckie and I certainly appreciated your chauffeuring us around last August to see all the lovely gardens in Chicagoland!

  3. That’s a lovely amaryllis, very striking with the red and white, like some kind of strawberry swirl. While you’ve been shovelling snow, I’ve been shovelling compost and manure from the front through to the back and onto the borders, it feels just as exhausting.

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