Tammy’s Garden Oasis in the Suburbs

On the last day of the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling, we visited the garden of Fling organizer extraordinaire Tammy Schmitt, author of the blog Casa Mariposa.

Invasion of the garden bloggers.

At the time, Tammy lived in a moderately upscale suburban development, the kind with strict HOA landscaping rules.


Tammy, however, won’t let no HOA keep her down. She created an exuberant garden oasis that is wonderfully conspicuous among the sterile acres of turf.


I like the curly-haired sprite dashing through the greenery.


Tammy is into bird houses in a big way.


The back garden is kind of like a block party where all the plants are having a really good time.



Look at this Royal Catchfly (Silene regia). Why don’t I have any? It makes my heart beat faster.


More bird houses.


Spiderwort – maybe Tradescantia virginiana. While the plants in Tammy’s garden seemed to be having a good time, they didn’t have that fallen-over drunk look. Partly that is because she has invested in some very nice heavy-duty plant supports.


Stokes Aster (Stokesia laevis).


Lushly planted containers and even more bird houses on the back patio.

There was a lot going on in Tammy’s garden, and we didn’t get good pics of all of it – most notably the impressive dry stream bed, which she installed herself.

I’m very glad that Tammy’s garden was included in the Fling itinerary. While old estates and professionally-designed gardens have much to offer, there is a special joy in the modestly-sized DIY gardens of inspired amateurs.

33 Comments on “Tammy’s Garden Oasis in the Suburbs”

      • I have not tried it, but it is what others here grow more commonly. They divide it and share it with friends. The ones in nurseries look more like yours, but I do not know what species they are. Although they look fine on the coast and sometimes in redwood forests, they dislike the dry air everywhere else. The prairie spiderwort either looks tired, or it looks very healthy without many flowers. There is not much in between.

  1. Her garden is very lively. I am with you when you say smaller amateur gardens are joyful. They have a spirit that is palpable and easy to take pleasure in. I love all they color here. Color, something I foresee more of in my garden.

  2. Lovely garden, lots of colour and I really like the idea of supports for plants, I must get some for ours. I love the cute birdhouses too, adds more colour and character to a garden. Congratulations to Tammy for actually managing to have a garden and organise a Garden Fling…I think I would be in meltdown!

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