Two Gardens in Arlington, Virginia

Now for some more gardens from the Garden Bloggers Fling back in June. Lets look at a couple of smaller gardens in the Washington, DC suburb of Arlington Virginia.


Let’s start with the home of garden designer Jeff Minich.


His is a shade garden with a tropical feel to it.


I love this spot with the Angel Wing Begonia below and the Spanish Moss dangling from above.


A nice water feature surrounded by lush plantings.


A closer look at the waterfall.



The back garden descends into a steep ravine.


The garden has an otherworldly feel when you stand at the bottom of the ravine and look up at the sunlight filtering through the leaves.


There’s a narrow patio behind the house. There you will find some garden art imbued with a certain amount of dark humor.


Who are these guys? Not the seven dwarfs, I’m guessing.


Garden objet by Vlad the Impaler.


Nice orange Clivia miniata.


OK, let’s move on to the garden of Scott Brinitzer, another garden designer who lives in Arlington. This is a garden with a more formal feel.


Lovely shade trees out front.


The front of the house is surrounded by a low wall of aggregate. I like the little pebbles.


Orange door, blue container, red foliage – nice.


Cool fountain. I like the trailing egreenery.


Some enviable Arisaema of some kind – also very nice.

Still more to come from the DC Garden Bloggers Fling, but that’s all for now.

28 Comments on “Two Gardens in Arlington, Virginia”

  1. The first garden looks so lush and as you said tropic. It seem strange to see a palm right by the door up north. A nice surprise. I have seen skulls stuck on plants before. It must be a thing with those plants and plantsmen.
    In the second garden I have seen that fountain pictured before but I love this shot. You get more context. I love the water lily in the basin of the fountain.

  2. Wow Jason, this is design on a whole new level. It’s hard to get a sense of scale for these gardens. The picture that stood out for me was the Clivia, as we have one on the kitchen window sill that spends all its time dividing and definitely not flowering!

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