Wanna See Our New Birdhouses?

About two years ago we visited Tammie of Casa Mariposa and got to see her lovely garden. I was especially impressed by the decorative quality of her several birdhouses. Since then, I have wanted to add more birdhouses to our own garden.

New birdhouse #1

So after two years of birdhouse brooding, I finally took action. We already had one birdhouse. It is very plain and utilitarian, though there is an endearing family of chickadees nesting there at the moment.

New birdhouse #2

Now I have four birdhouses, each located in a different corner of the garden. They’re made of wood with bits of recycled metal by Bacon Square Farm, which I found on Etsy. Judy thinks it is humorous that I have begun shopping on Etsy, but she won’t explain why.

New birdhouse #3

Birdhouses for Chickadees and Wrens, I’ve been told, should be placed 50′ apart or more. My first birdhouse and the new red one are meant for Chickadees and Wrens, but the other two have slightly larger entrances.

I was thinking I’d attach a metal guard to the entrances of all the new birdhouses, which would make them all safe for Chickadees and Wrens. None of the new birdhouses seem to have tenants just yet, but I’m told there is still time for this year.



28 Comments on “Wanna See Our New Birdhouses?”

  1. They look great, and I love that they’re colorful. I didn’t know chickadee & wren birdhouses needed to be 50′ apart. I went to Bacon Square Farm, and their prices are certainly reasonable. I have a ton of metal pieces that would look great on a birdhouse. I also have cool pieces of wood and could even drill the hole for the entrance. Only problem is I don’t have a table saw and it would take forever to cut the pieces by hand. Thanks for the post!

  2. Of course I want to see your new bird houses. They are a colorful shot in the garden. When that new smell gets off of them the birds will move in. I have several wren houses around the garden. Two are occupied with wrens. One has wasps in it. I have had chickadees in boxes only one year. Not sure why they didn’t come back. They looked at it this year but didn’t move in. hmmmm….That box is up high so I don’t look into it often.

  3. They are all so cheerful and charming! I just bought my first one and we haven’t hung it up yet. We have tiny House sparrows and I was thinking they might like more protected nesting areas.

  4. What adorable birdhouses! I especially love that red one. I have one birdhouse (more utilitarian) that have some titmice nesting in it, and then I bought one a really pretty one this winter that I still have yet to put out since I have to mount it to a post (so much to do, so little time!) I hope you get new tenants soon!

  5. So wonderful! I love colourful touches in the garden, but the ones that I like the best are those that serve a purpose rather than being simply decorative. Hopefully you will have many feathered residents take up residence in the years to come.

  6. Cute! I may have to emulate you (once again). And you keep asking about my Betty Corning. They don’t get much beyond 6′ tall, but they have become quite bushy over the years, maybe about 6′ in girth near the top? It’s difficult to keep them contained and upright. I cut them back to about 18″ every year, which I guess is wrong, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt them any. Or maybe that contributes to the problem?

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