A Daffodil Turning Point

When historians write about our garden, clearly they will divide my work with Daffodils into two periods: BC (Before Colorblends) and CE (Colorblends Era).


The pivotal event in the transition between these two epochs was the arrival last fall of two sacks, each containing 100 free Daffodil bulbs. This bounty was swag from the 2016 Garden Bloggers Fling, courtesy of the bulb wholesalers Colorblends (since Judy and I were both participants, we got twice as much).


In prior posts I’ve told the sad story of how I lost a majority of these bulbs trying to overwinter them in containers. However, I planted about 80 in the parkway, and these have just reached peak bloom.


In the BC period, I generally planted patches of Daffodils in groups of about 20.


This spring’s parkway Daffodils have brought back to me one of those basic rules of gardening that I tend to forget: if 20 Daffodils are good, 80 are much, much better. The larger number of bulbs increases the impact of the planting exponentially.


The dog walkers, young families, and other neighborhood passersby are loving all the new Daffodils, and I confess that I enjoy the compliments.


Of course, Judy and I are going to the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling in DC. Highly placed sources tell me that participants will receive another coupon for free bulbs.


I’m already making plans for using my next 200 Daffodils. I’d say I could fit another 80+ into the Parkway, and there are a few other places where I can squeeze in a dozen or two.


We’ll probably also make another run at growing them in pots, though this time I’ll be much more careful with drainage.


We might even give some away. I don’t want the historians to say that I was selfish.

44 Comments on “A Daffodil Turning Point”

  1. I was in and out of Chicago Midway this weekend for a convention in nearby Indiana and it was exciting to see early spring again…redbud and crab apple trees in full bloom and lots of gorgeous daffodils and tulips…what a knockout tulip display at the airport! I’m sad I’ll miss the bloggers fling again this year:^

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