Tokyo Tower

First thing we did when we got to Japan last August was visit the Tokyo Tower and, more importantly, meet my nephew and his family. The nephew has lived in Japan since college.

He was nice enough to meet us at our hotel and guide us through the Tokyo subways to the spot where we would meet his wife and son. The city’s subways are labyrinthine in the extreme, and Judy and I decided that we would never try to navigate them on our own.


OK, so we stole this picture from the Japanese tourism site, Tokyo Tower was built in 1958, because somebody decided that Tokyo needed a little hint of Paris. Though I would say that overall there are hardly any similarities between the two cities.


Here’s the view from the bottom. The Tower’s main observation deck is about 500′ up. It is a good place to get a birdseye view, though it is no longer Tokyo’s tallest structure.


And here’s the nephew with his wife and their son Max. Cute family, eh? This was the first time Judy and I got to meet the wife and son. And it had been years since I had last seen the nephew. They were all headed to Minnesota in just a few days to visit my brother and his wife, who were suffering from severe grandchild deprivation.


Here’s a view from the main observatory. Let’s just say that Tokyo is a really, really big city – more than 13 million people. The metro area has about 38 million.


Here’s another view, looking toward the sea.


And one last view. After leaving the tower we all went out for lunch and ice cream.


Max sported the latest fashion in pacifiers. It was a short but wonderful visit.

Lots more to come on our trip to Japan!

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