A Host of Daffodil (Bulbs) Arrive

A few days ago I received 2oo daffodil bulbs from Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs. This is a joyful occurrence in itself, but what made it especially delightful was that the bulbs were free. This was thanks to the generosity of Colorblends and the hard work of the organizers of the Minneapolis Garden Bloggers Fling, which Judy and I attended back in July.


The daffodils in question were Colorblends’ Spring Loaded daffodil mix, which includes 20+ varieties of all colors. It’s nice to have lots of different kinds of bulbs, though it can be a challenge to figure out exactly what you’ve got, even when they are in bloom.

Now that they’ve arrived, though, I’m wondering if I got the right blend. I could have ordered the 3D, which has just three varieties, all of them yellow. Though to be honest, that sounds a little boring.

Or I could have gotten The Gold Shoulder, which combines two varieties, one white and one yellow. There are other options as well. Every time I point out to Judy a different option I could have chosen, all she does is shrug and say: “Too late now”.  She seems to be abdicating her responsibility to engage in sympathetic spousal fretting.


I will say that all the bulbs look to be of substantial size and in fine condition – no bruises or soft spots.

My intention is to plant some of the daffodils in the back garden containers and the rest in the Parkway Bed. Unfortunately, due to rain and my work schedule I had very limited time for planting this weekend. I’d say at most I got 30 planted, which means about 170 to go. And the tulips haven’t even arrived yet.

However, on my honor I say that no bulb shall go unplanted.


Finally, let me share this observation: 200 daffodil bulbs are dang heavy.



44 Comments on “A Host of Daffodil (Bulbs) Arrive”

  1. 200 daffodils…..I wish!! Really looking forward to seeing your spring garden, and good luck with the planting. What would we do without gardens? Such fun waiting for the next seasons’ plants, and now I can also live vicariously through bloggers gardens too!

  2. Wow – those are a lot of bulbs! I laughed at your fretting over your decision. I’m like that both before and after when choosing from many options. I may sit there for hours trying to decide, but more often then not, end up choosing my initial pick (which I usually find in the first minute or so). And then, afterward, there is the second guessing over whether or not I made the right choice.

  3. What an absolute windfall, I can imagine how thrilled you were to receive them. I know what you mean about planting them all though, I planted a hundred once and that took a fair bit of time. I look forward to seeing them in spring.xxx

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