At the Inn of the Frog Eaters

After our visit to Reford Gardens we drove about 40 miles east to the village of Le Bic. There we stayed at a place called Auberge du Mange Grenouille, which means, according to Judy, either the Inn of the Frog Eaters or maybe the Inn of Eating Frogs.


Though we only spent one night, this place was an experience unto itself. We learned about it from our friend Pat of Site and Insight.


Notice the giant frog to the left. The ambiance here is friendly, relaxed, and just a bit mischievous.


We stayed in a room on the first floor that looked out onto the back garden.


The garden is informal, lush and colorful, containing interesting objects of all kinds.


It has a stupendous view of the St. Lawrence.


As well as little nooks appropriate for more private conversations.


Here is a view from the second floor. There are rooms up here, though this picture was taken from the balcony of the restaurant.


This was our room, full of all kinds of interesting artwork. Probably not a place to stay with small children. Please ignore the unmade bed.

FullSizeRender (2)


This trumpeting angel and bird cage were just above my seat in the restaurant. There was a live bird in the bird cage, which I don’t think would be allowed in the US. Canadians seem more relaxed about those things.

The food, incidentally, was top notch. Judy had what she called the best scallops she had ever eaten in her life. I had the rabbit, which was delicious and also resulted in one less rodent available to girdle the Amelanchier or cause other garden mayhem.

FullSizeRender (5)

Much of the decor seems like a sly spoof of fin de siècle elegance. What appears to be some unintentionally comical dirty postcards circa 1900 are framed and hung in the bathrooms. You won’t find that at the Super 8.

Neither Judy nor I are inclined to eat frogs, but this was a perfect place to spend our last night on the Gaspé Peninsula.

42 Comments on “At the Inn of the Frog Eaters”

  1. Did you hear or see any live frogs while there? The garden is delicious, so inviting with those big red chairs. It would be fun just to see all the collectibles. I too noticed that in Canada that they are much more relaxed with the idea of having pets in restaurants.

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